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  • zarman3333 zarman3333 Apr 19, 2004 9:48 AM Flag


    It looks like the Vaso press release has worked. A whopping 12K shares have traded so far. Broker-dealers have been duly warned by Vaso that the company is basically worthless and shouldn't be traded. Interesting reaction from the brokers.

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    • HBSL is risky.

      If you can handle investing in a riskier stock, and things work out for them, then I think the price target is anywhere from $3 to $10. If things don't work out, then it is probably sub $1. I estimate the odds of success at about 2 out of 3.

      So don't put all your money in it, but if it does work out, the upside can be substantial from here.

      They have a conference call coming up, so I don't think they have scheduled it so far in advance just so they can announce bad news.

      The Baron

    • Baron,

      I know you have been building a position in HBSL since the low to mid 1's? Excellent job on that, I haven't bought in it still a decent buy, and what's your price target and time frame?

      Let us know when you are done buying that new position and share your thoughts on it when you are ready. My short on SSPI close to $6 has paid off with it 1/2 where it was a week ago, wonder where these security stocks go from here...thoughts?

    • We know that!

      When we talk about shorting BB securities, we are referring to other stocks such as WHIS. We are not talking about shorting VAPH.

      Since VAPH has become defunct, Zarman, Tex, and I have taken over this board for our own purposes, to discuss other stocks.

      The Baron

    • and I think that is the confusion that VAPH has in their press releases.....they think the Pinks are a quote system or something.....its a LAST trade system

    • Right now, I am long HLSH, HBSL, and NFLD, plus one other one that I am still accumulating.

      I don't have any shorts right now. But then again, I am not one to short stocks, in general.

      The Baron

    • That's what I thought would happen.

      The Baron

    • Early today I requested VAPH shares to short (a Cybertrader clerk on Friday told me I could do that). Sadly, he was mistaken- they now tell me that shorting is not allowed on pink sheet securities.

    • I do not want to gloat, but I can short bb�s for seven days,
      did you ask mb trading or cybertrader,
      by the way for communication you should try skype, as a messenger or by using a headset you can talk to each other, I did the install already, but still waiting for my headset, it is free

      I am considering to reshort vaph tomorrow,
      I checked whistler, but have to read mor about this lithium stuff, competitors and so on which is difficult due to the whis listing,
      I have not made up my mind about stocklemon,
      as they short stocks mentioned in the reports,
      it is actually quite clear what they have in mind,
      running into a short squeeze can be quite painful,

    • OK Tex, lets do that!
      Seriously, there's got to be a brokerage somewhere that will let retails short BB stocks. I've got to find one, too many easy money shorts on the BB.

    • I hope and pray that any innocent longs are taking this chance to get atleast the $1 they are getting as a pure GIFT right now.

      Remember this company is selling NO products, gave back the money they got from the hedge fund, are burning all their cash on lawyers and are in deep trouble.