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  • MikeEdgar MikeEdgar Aug 15, 2005 3:31 PM Flag

    Down 5%

    Remember, you are not the captain of this ship. When it goes down, you don't have to be on board.

    And I thought that selling at 3.06 might have been at the bottom.

    I just guessing, but I figure the bottom will be about 2.40, unless there is some positive news.

    Bad news may bring us 2.00.

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    • Gee, I could post the same headline every day.

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      • It's been very unfortunate as I've spoken to a couple of investors in the past couple of days that I find had bet so heavily on ICAD and their managment's former optimistic much so, that they had margined heavily to purchase more stock, believing that Par and ICAD would report a strong Q2.

        I know of two individuals that were completly "sold out" of their margin position over the past two days. When the stock dropped below 3, those margined in ICAD became 100% collectable, as the stock fell completely out of marginability with most firms. I feel very badly for these guys, as they lost over 100,000 shares and now both own no ICAD.

        I currently hold 30,000 shares in a cash account and although I view the past quarter as a one time disappointment, I do fault Scott for not having had a much better handle on what the short term impact would be from their newer lower cost product introduction.

        Internal business adjustments could have then been made in advance to somewhat offset the negative quarter.

        I do note the fact inside stock purchases were just made by Management and view this as a favorable event. Like to see Bob Howard sell some of his IOTN and move it into ICAD as a show of confidence. I see the insider buying as managment's intent to send a very clear message to shareholders that ICAD is indeed alive and well and that positive forward prospects are still very much intact.

        I suggest Scott provide a mid-quarter "Update to Shareholders" that may quickly stop the bleeding. He may wish to provide a news release updating shareholders on any current favorable sales results. This would confirm to his investors that the last quarter results were actually impacted by stated sales delays of CAD systems and that these delayed sales did indeed shift into Q3 numbers.

        The decrease in ICAD share price is completly unfounded if mangement's explanation for Q2, as provided on the conference call, was really accuarate. Many investors and those that shorted the stock on the news now need confirmation that all is well before covering their short position or accumulating more stock at low prices.


    • Just wondering how you come up with $2.40?Maybe $3.40 this stock had two good quarters far better than it ever has done, like I said somethings up.

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      • Current price x sales is 4.75. That's high and given the sales decline, it is much too high compared to the industry.

        2.40 is a guesstimate. I simply don't see ICAD getting a premium price until it shows it can manage its business successfully.

        Stocks prices never go in a straight line, but I think 2.40 is more likely than 3.40 in the near term.

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