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  • jah2014 jah2014 Feb 6, 2008 10:08 AM Flag

    Earnings listed at .08

    TD Ameritrade lists the projected earnings at .08 for VISN come Feb. 27th.


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    • I believe these estimates are conservative. The growth potential is immense for this company. I believe the influx of new advertisers will be huge because of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. They said that %85 of there staff was in sales. We will see the fruits of their labors in the next quarter. My plan is to sell 20% of my holdings by August when we hit $30. $30 may come sooner than we think with this company if it goes the way of other good China stocks. Anyway we should see some upgrades soon after the Feb. earnings reports. Get as much as you can at these prices. In about a week we will be going much higher. Also do not be suprised to see a quick drop to scare out the not so serious players. We will not stay there long though. Hang in there.

      Happy trading


    • jah2014,

      I have access to probably the only one analyst report currently available in the market from Susquehanna. Let me briefly quote info as below. Please tell me whether it is reasonable.

      Revenue: Q1-Q407 (Q4 is estimated, rest are real) - 3.1m, 4.0m, 8.7m, 11m.
      Q1-Q408 - 11.3m, 17.5m, 30.7m and 26.1m.

      Gross margin: 60-61% flat beginning Q407.
      OPerating margin: 41-42% flat beginning Q407.

      quarterly EPS 07-08: -1c, 0, 6c, 8c, 9c, 12c, 19c, 17c.

      Therefore, 57 cents for 08 eps. This is non-GAAP eps.

    • j,
      even if they post .08 for the Q that means .10 for the year which will make this stock selling at a pe of (7.40/.10) 71 for a company that looks like its growing exponentially. I thinks at this price this company is a steal. What do you think ?

    • thanks for the post Jah, hopefully they kick that number in the nuts

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