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  • th_nk th_nk Jun 20, 2003 10:57 AM Flag

    Faster-Than-Realtime :-)

    The Maverick EP9312 is a member of Cirrus Logic's high integration system-on-chip family of devices intended to enable cost-effective home audio jukeboxes and servers. The EP9312 combines the powerful new 200 MHz ARM920T processor core, Cirrus Logic�s new MaverickCrunch math co-processor, patent-pending MaverickLock security technology, and a broad range of peripheral devices for product design flexibility. The ARM920T microprocessor core with separate 16 KByte, 64-way set-associative instruction and data caches is augmented by the MaverickCrunch co-processor, enabling faster-than-realtime compression of audio CDs. The proprietary MaverickLock

    Summary of EP9312 Features

    200 MHz ARM920T processor

    * 16 KByte Data / 16 KByte Instruction Caches
    * MMU supports Linux, Windows CE, and other embedded OSes

    MaverickCrunch Math Engine

    * Floating point, integer, and signal processing instructions
    * Optimized for digital music compression algorithms
    * Hardware interlocks allow in-line coding

    MaverickLock Security Features

    * Incorporates boot ROM, laser fuses, and gate-level IP
    * Multiple security vendors can co-exist in the same system
    * Exceeds Secure Digital Music Initiative (SMI) requirements

    Integrated Peripheral Interfaces

    * EIDE controller for connecting standard peripherals such as hard drives and CD-ROM drives (up to two devices)
    * 1/10/100 Mbps Ethernet MAC supporting all home network protocols
    * 16550-like UARTs for modem control, IRDA, and HDLC; support bit rates up to 115.2 kbps
    * 16-bit general purpose I/O lines
    * Three-port USB host for connecting a wide range of digital devices
    * I2S interface for high-quality audio
    * 8 x 8 keypad scanner
    * LCD controller
    * Touch screen interface

    External Memory Options

    * 32-bit SDRAM interface, up to 4 banks
    * 32/16-bit SRAM/Flash/ROM/PCMCIA interface
    * EEPROM interface

    Internal Peripherals

    * Real-time clock with software trim
    * 8 DMA channels
    * Watchdog Timer
    * 4 general purpose 16-bit timers
    * 32-bit debug timer
    * Boot ROM


    * 352-pin PBGA

    The EP9312 is supported by an embedded Linux operating system port. For further information visit the Maverick website,

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