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  • hammertimeee hammertimeee Oct 23, 2010 9:01 AM Flag

    Cramer should be Jailed!!.. CNBC should discontinue his circus act show!

    How do you go from boiling hot on CRUS to Artic cold when CRUS missed their numbers by 2 pennys, due to the over dramatic numbers, these jerks (anal)ysist put on CRUS. I think they did quite well and I am a buyer of more shares monday..

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    • georgespelvin Oct 24, 2010 8:02 PM Flag

      Buying or selling a stock before or after earnings is not investing. it is gambling. Cramer spent 16 hours a day for 30 years gambling and the way he made his rather small fortune was by front running the market prior to global connectivity.

      Still water runs deep. If you have listened to Cramer for the last 14 years you are behind the 8 ball in absolute dollars. Cramer always has a buy recommendation. Yet, for the market has not gone up in the last decade or so. Cramer will tell you what to do with your money until you don't have anymore.

      The idea that Cramer tells you what to do based on what some CEO tells him is ludicrous on one level and alarming on another. I guess Dodd and Graham never thunk of that.

      I remember Cramer screaming that "Lucent has the SMELL of teens on it!!!!" That was at $7.00. What does Cramer know about routers and switches? Nothing. It almost got to the teens (19 CENTS), down from $60. At $30 Cramer said, "They are in all the right busineses, the only thing they have to do is exectute!!"

      Hmm. So there are right businesses and the only thing you have to do is execute. And I thought all there is, is execution and there are no such things as good and bad businesss, just execution.

      I am tired of having nitwits call me up and tell me what to do with my money, esp when the nitwits have less money than I.

      If Cramer knew what he hell he was talking about, he would shut up and invest.

    • One important point you are missing is this company " missed " while Apple sold 3 mil more Iphone than projected .

      If Apple had not sold 3 mil more Iphone, the " miss " would have been lot greater .

      That means with all the extra revenue, the company could not pull it together and at least meet estimate.

      No need to blame Cramer . The stock was around $11.00 before Cramer started pumping it and you should thanks him otherwise this disappointment would have dropped the stock to around $9.00 .

      I am no fan of Cramer but he is not our servant to find stock for us to buy blindfolded . He makes suggestions and the rest is up to investors to dig more before buying or selling

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      • Read more: CRUS paid off its debt for a 2008 acquisition eating up profits, but strengthening its book value. It probably was this inside information on accounting that cause the huge PUT positions. It is problematic if Cramer knew, but he is an actor. I think leaks should be investigated by the SEC---but CRUS drop to 13 or 11 are entries to hold until next quarter. CRUS management is short selling its shares as reported on SEC filings, so its not going to buy up its shares or be positive until top management leaks its time to back up the truck. The company is strong for the next quarters---that is probably what take it to the bank. Needs dividend or buy up announcement.

      • You state.
        "I am no fan of Cramer but he is not our servant to find stock for us to buy blindfolded . He makes suggestions and the rest is up to investors to dig more before buying or selling "

        Lots of people buy Cramers pic's because he tells the world how great these companys are and gives us a 100 reasons why the stock is or will go up because of blah,blah,blah... As a hedge fund manager, one could only trust his point of view due to his expertise in the investiment market. How much more research is the individual investor going to do?.Cramer el edgetly did his homework, no? Cramer is a clown and cannot be trusted..

      • habash, you got it right. they only had revenue up 81% on 106 million, and eps of .40 with consensus of .42, man, that was some lousy quarter.

    • avmike Oct 24, 2010 4:00 PM Flag

      YOU GO FROM HOT TO COLD when you realize you hadn't loaded up on as much of the shares as you'd have liked to, so you bash then buy! Perhaps his money was tied up in another company.

    • Agreed. For every caller they air that is falling all over themselves kissing his feet, there is one that would love to smack him. Why don't they give those callers equal time? It would sure make the show more interesting to watch.

    • No!! Don't do that!! Wait till the stock drops to around $12. It will probably get that low. I would start layering in at $12. It could even go lower. Buy more blocks of shares if and when the stock heads 3% lower. Good luck.

    • Why does SEC allow such TV show? They shall ban it.

    • I still don't understand this idiotic mentality that thinks it is above board to mindlessly rubber stamp companies and pump them with no analysis or rhyme or reason, but somehow criminal to analyze them and come to the conclusion that some are not worth buying.

      You have it completely backwards imho. If Cramer did what you want him to, he wouldn't even be worth watching.

    • market changes. companies dissapoint.

      cramer couldn't recommend after the passive, unenthusiastic interview/presentation the crus ceo gave.

      didn't sound like he had to much confidence in his business, so cramer couldn't endorse him.

      last earnings the ceo sounded much more upbeat, this confernece call sounded beat-up.

    • Sorry, but this characterization of Cramer's enthusiasm is incorrect.

      His most recent statement on CRUS prior to earnings was that dispite the drop in pps he said, "I'm going to stick my neck out on CRUS, BUT my neck's been cut off before."

      That sounds like "this is risky" to me.

      You're wrong on Cramer, but right to be buying.

      This company's a winner. Do your homework and you'll see.

      Hell... they could EASILY announce a $20 million share buyback on Monday or a new smartphone contract and pps would explode - especially with the squeeze that the 13% short interest would be caught in.

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      • Before he said " I am going to stick my neck out on CRUS".. I happen to be watching CNBC the day He talked up CRUS and he certainlly talked up CRUS for a good 20 minutes as if it was the next Apple. Crus ran up big after hours and continue to run for several more days.. Now he is sticking his neck out??/ Please, my 6 year old can do the same thing.
        He cost lots of people money with pumping CRUS stock.
        CNBC should shut him down because Cramer, also tarnishes CNBC reputation as well... Screw u Cramer!!

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