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  • ddbikessamsara ddbikessamsara May 9, 2011 11:19 AM Flag

    100 share trades

    For those saying the MM's don't manipulate this stock like crazy, just check out the above link. Virtually all 100 share trades, MM's consistently walking it down to drive the price lower and get that many more weak hands to give up and sell. Classic pattern before the next move up - shake out all the weak shares they can.

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    • I too am confused.... they can take it down a dime on about 20K shares, then it takes 100k+ shares to bring it back a couple penny's....

      How this this even possible? Some market expert please educate me... because common sense is telling me it has to run at some point. AAPL is up AGAIN, and CRUS is down from announcement, no positive bias at all....

      Was there really 10M shares that institutions dumped?

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      • It's simply the way the "market" works. Somebody has to make money and if all stocks were perfectly priced no one would ever make any money. It's quite interesting to see almost ANY stock over the course of a year. With amazing consistency there is a 50% or greater differential between the 52 week high and low. Why is this when there is no way the actual intrinsic value of a company can fluctuate that much. Established, well-capitalized companies with good customers, products, prospects - you name it and they almost all have the 50% phenomenon. It's all perception, manipulation, quarterly obsession etc. and rarely intersects with the actual intrinsic value of the company. The same is true right now with CRUS - games and manipulation. My guess is this is the bottom of this cycle or close to it and buying here will reap the rewards of the 50% upswing over the coming year.

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