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  • moldinc moldinc May 27, 2011 10:40 AM Flag


    This stock does not want to break out in either direction..... Wish I bought (VHI) last week....

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    • I dont expect anything unless AAPL has news, otherwise CRUS is a hold for the Fall, not a quick trade, this is a build your position time!

    • I do not think this is wierd at all. I have been watching and tracking this now for over a month.... the MM are FIRMLY in control. There are people who will tell you it is trading with the indexes or the ETF, but the reality is it is NOT... just check the charts, they CLEARLY show it. If you look back a week when we saw the POP to over 17 and then pullback under 16, that was most likely the shares trading off on the BuyBack... nothing more, then the MM just walks it right back down...

      They are playing this stock for 1.5-2% swings up and down almost daily on program trading, as as long as the sentiment is "good" and it has good news" they have all the longs locked in like a deer in the headlights. I know I am afraid to get out because " I know it is ready" but the reality is, it isn't going to breakout anytime soon. They will keep getting people like me to hold my shares while they walk it down and eventually I will lose faith and sell and move on, then when they have covered most their position they will let it rise and it will repeat...

      Today is a PERFECT example... All the PUMPERS about 17, 18, 20+ and we are only where we were 2 days ago.... how sad it that?

      MM are in control, so if you are looking to trade then move on to another stock. If you are in this one long, then just leave this board and come back in a month to see where we are at.

      JMO.... too many other good trading stocks to waste thousands of shares here watching the MM make money...

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