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  • oldpalos oldpalos Dec 13, 2012 2:42 PM Flag

    Grossly Oversold-total manipulation

    drop from $ 44 to 27------all Manipulation--this stock worth $ 31-$33 per share

    Load up now

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • You think this is only worth $31-33? You think everyone on here is holding out for that?

    • Yes, it is being manipulated... by apple.

    • clearly not about fundamentals as all it does is magnify the move in aapl.

      it cannot be about margins or fear of loss of the aapl business.

      why the management are silent is beyond me. up and down 6-7% a day is not normal and should not be allowed to become so. this is not a casino. it's a company with peoples lives at stake.

      as usual sec is quiet

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      • fwiw, during the market meltdown from the peaks in October 2007, there was many an oversold bounce that led to lower lows. Semis are terrible as long term investments, but fine for riding waves, ie when the rsi and macd are rising, preferably with a macd crossover.

      • First, I'm a long, been long since earnings, still believe in the company, and think this is undervalued. But with that out of the way, stop whining like a little baby.

        "this is not a casino."
        Yes, it is. It's exactly like a casino. The point is to put the odds as much in your favour as possible. There are no certainties. Know when to fold em, hold em, walk away, run etc platitude, etc.

        " it's a company with peoples lives at stake. "
        The stock price does in no way impact the company and it's ability to fund it's day to day operations. If it did, then the company should go out of business. They sell stuff for a profit, they pay their employees, life is good. Stock goes up, down, sideways, the only thing that impacts is their ability to use it as a source of funding IF they need it. They could also go to the debt market IF they need it. They don't, in fact the opposite, they have surplus cash to do a buyback so please save the hysterics.

        " as usual sec is quiet"
        About??? I see no REGSHO information for CRUS, hence I doubt there's naked shorting. If people want to short and short and short, be my guest, they aren't hitting the 10% short breaker, so have at it. If you believe in the value of the company, that, combined with results, combined with a smaller float due to the buyback may make for an interesting February (assuming last week of January for earnings).

        Stop whining. This is the largest position in my portfolio. The drawdown sux, live with it, trade around it, there's plenty of other opportunities out there to keep you occupied in the interim.

        If you have to resort to hysterics, go comment on the MarketWatch site with the rest of the loons.

      • Longs are trapped with Fraud CRUS management.

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