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  • expert.bear2 expert.bear2 Jan 23, 2013 5:13 PM Flag

    Covered. CRUS is not going to $20 but probably $35-$38

    The ER tomorrow will completely reverse the stock. Watch what happens tomorrow after hours.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Okay, so Mr Expert Bear dude. While I appreciate you being more candid this afternoon following the AAPL report, I still need to ask why? You've been haunting this board for days now saying to short now, it's going to $20. Why? Why did you do that? I mean, one, do you really think you're going to influence a stock price one way or the other by posting on Yahoo boards? Isn't it the big money that really makes a stock price move? And two, with the fundamentals this company has, with everyone expecting it to have a good earnings report, aren't there better plays for you to spend your time with than trying to manipulate CRUS???

      Hey, I'm just a small timer trying to learn here, so please enlightened me some.

    • Oh I'll be watching big boy! I'll be watching!....I just can't help but wonder about that gal on the Apple board who said her panties were really wet prior to the earning report. So sad. She must be really dry now...sigh...

    • Apple - 99% effect on CRUS price
      ER - 1% effect on CRUS price

      Glad I'm out for now.... See you @ $20.00

    • Because I figured I could possibly get someone to listen to me so they would not have to take an 8% hit even though my posting was "ridiculous" now that I see what Apple has reported CRUS is going to crush because it is undervalued and has sold off incredibly from it's highs. I did not think I would influence anything except maybe that one retail guy who is now saying thank God I listened to that guy. I am not manipulating anything I am just saying my thoughts and posting them listen or not I really do not care.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I have made money on this stock in almost every trade I have done. China is being tapped and Apple will continue to sell CRUS is going higher. I will take my chances on my winnings.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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