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  • gr0operator gr0operator Jan 23, 2013 8:10 PM Flag

    Some perspective on the...

    Apple report.

    Apple shares outstanding 939 M
    140 B in cash.or 150 dollars in cash.

    At current estimates apple makes $50 or this year or 48 B.

    By year end, Apple could buy back 40% plus of the company at 500 dollars a share. In 5 years they could buy the whole thing.

    In contrast, NET made 23 cents on a negative operating cash flow and now trades at 140 or so.

    If you can make sense of this, help all of us.

    Grade Zero

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    • Hello Grade! Your caution was warranted. I was wrong. Let's hope we get better news tonight. Best regards. doug

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    • Grade thanks your post made me laugh, crazy market, and really dont think that it is investable anymore...nothing makes sense........this is gonna be a wait for China Moble and the next AAPL product launch, lets hope for something exciting VERY soon! lets see what Jason has to say....he always gives us good hints!! CRUS will be able to put a stop to the nonsense selling if it occurs tomorrow with a buyback...NFLIX made like 12 cents and it is a time to rejoice!! actually Grade I think it was a massive short squeeze!!

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      • 1 Reply to kbononi
      • Kbononi, you hit the nail on the head. Logic no longer pervails. Bernanke has turned the world upside down. Negative cash flows are rewarded, profits are punished. Bankster criminals are handed trillions of taxpayer dollars as bank losses are subsidized while profits are paid in bonuses to the banking vermin. DOJ and SEC turn a blind eye. We have become Gotham City. In the absence of Batman, this does not end well as the banksters are very firmly in control.

    • And if you really want to boggle the mind, check out AMZN. It trades over 3000 times projected earnings!!!

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