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  • mk54321 mk54321 Feb 6, 2013 10:53 AM Flag

    qualcomm wcd9310 audio chip is inside the BlackBerry z10

    so the new tier 1 customer is not BlackBerry........

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    • Over this last year, didn't CRUS have on some of their job postings, list about having knowledge of android system as one of the requirements for some of the engineer jobs? I remember they did.

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    • "Apple's total iPhone shipments increased 46.9 percent last year, from 93.1 million handsets in 2011 to 136.8 million in 2012.

      Controlling a quarter of smartphone shipments, Apple was squarely in second place worldwide, in a two-horse race with market leader Samsung — the only other company among the top five vendors that managed to grow its share.

      Samsung easily outpaced Apple in 2012, growing its shipments by 129.1 percent, more than doubling Apple's year-over-year growth. Samsung also saw its market share grow from 19 percent in 2011, when it was in a dead heat with Apple, to 39.6 percent in 2012, or nearly 15 percentage points ahead of Apple.

      In third place, Nokia continued its tumble, losing 54.6 percent of its shipments from 2011. The Finnish handset maker represented just 6.4 percent of smartphone shipments in 2012.

      HTC took third, off 25.2 percent from 2011, which was good for a 6 percent share in 2012. That tied it with Research in Motion, which also had a 6 percent share after its shipments slid by 36.4 percent."

      There is Samsung, there is apple, and then there is a bunch of very small players.

      Either Jason is using incorrect language or we are in a Samsung phone.

    • Ya i always suspected it wasn't the BB10...

      Tier 1 is basically Samsung, Apple, and maybe one other...

      but whats the point of having tiers if you are going to make them that wide. So in my mind he meant Samsung...

      Anything besides apple and Samsung are not tier 1...

      So with that said i think we are in the S4.

    • Nokia is making a new high-end model to be made out of aluminum and to replace the Lumla 920 and compete against the iphone. I always thought it was Nokia.

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    • Thanks for the info mk.
      Based on Jasons comments, I was very doubtful of chip in BB.

      From Jan 26.
      "So I went through the commentary again. Found three instances that connect the dots. Unless I am missing something ... it can not be BB10. May be Nokia? I don't think BB falls under tear 1 anyways. Could be Nokia, LG, less likely Samsung.
      Jason said
      - I can’t elaborate on it too much, because we’re shipping the product – we haven’t announced – into a customer that hasn’t announced their product.
      - Mobile phones are pretty complicated devices, there are lots of regulatory approvals and all that sort of thing, so once we start shipping into a customer, there’s a pretty big delay before they actually start shipping their products in most cases.
      - Yeah, I’d rather not comment on the ASP front, because again, we’re ways out from the thing actually shipping."

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    • Very interesting. The mystery continues!

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