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  • extremeprof extremeprof Mar 1, 2013 4:14 PM Flag

    Something terrible we don't know - no other reason!

    I am totally screwed several 10's of K's in the hole...average at 32.50! Biggest Bet gone to dogs!
    So, should I throw in the towel now?
    Every day, another 3 to 4% lower!
    I just do not see any rational reason based on public knowledge.
    Conclusion: Some "inside" people know something terrible is happening to CRUS...we will know during next earnings only! Oh well...

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    • Thank you for all your thoughtful responses...I'll hang on to CRUS and hope for the best with bated breath!

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      • Its quite simple actually.When the kingpin apple goes down it takes its minion suppliers with it.The problem is I see apple going into the 300's and taking all of its suppliers along for the ride.

      • I'm hanging in there with you. CRUS is now my second largest holding (Apple is largest). I belive that the misperception of Apple may continue despite their earnings, and that Apple may continue down and or go sideways for some time. Cirrus is my hole card... at some point there will be a decoupling from Apple, and when that day comes, it will be massive.

        So despite the price action, I've been buying more about every other day, both shares and options. I've also been liquidating other positions so that when it does move, I can double my entire holdings in a heartbeat. It's as difficult as getting a root canal, but the payoff should be well worth it. Or I could be wrong, but I don't think I'm wrong.

    • Yes it's a really, really tough spot to be in. My losses are less than yours but still painful. However, I don't need to sell right now - I have a longer term picture. I still have faith in the company that eventually this will turn around for the better. It could be 6-9 months (just my opinion). But it's at this point where many give up and accpt the loss that the turnaround begins. And that's what I am waiting for.

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    • No, this is a technical thing being played out by big money. You will see it go lower but if you don't need your money right now and if this is a long term investment, let it play out. In one year this could be a $60 but you could see 20 first. Great company, just a broken stock. If you sell now though, understand it will be taken out in a buy out or apple will announce the wrist band ipod or the apple glasses will be announced. Count on it. Sit tight but only if you don't it every day.

    • No one has a crystal ball.
      It is impossible to advice.
      I was in similiar sytuation and finally sold it all at 24.5.
      I have a gut feeling it will go to mid teens, but the next earning may be a shocker; why?
      Because, if it would be someting of a game changer they would like to deliver the news asap, in order to protect the share value. Aparently "tier one " is no factor and if once announced and recognized as 0 the share value would plumet even more.
      Crus is on chronic down fall , as the rest of the market stays up.

    • are you using margin? is that why you're screwed?

    • I can't help believing that there is bad news on the way. There is something stinking about this company. I believe that the lawsuits may be justified; why did management say that reliance on apple was decreasing when in fact the opposite is the case. Also why do insiders hold virtually no shares?
      'Tier one' customer. That should be worth waiting for!

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    • Ask yourself why Blackstone just increased their holdings in CRUS from 2.9 million shares to 5.1 million shares in the last few weeks...see SEC form 13g/a submitted Feb 8th 2013

      What do you think they know............????

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    • Alternative theory --- pullback is way overdone on FUD .........
      Similar to Aug 2011 when it went to $12 and then rose to $45 over the next 12 months

      Volume of Apple products can explode higher with new iPad mini Hi-Def soon and new iPhone models (larger screen model) and a lower mid priced phone . Add on new tier one smartphone customer volume, LED volumes with Philips and additional LED customers .....

      Key point is longer term view vs the day traders that visit this board....

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Alot of down and out stocks have been pounded last few days. That is how the big boys rotate in to new sectors. They are now buying these stocks that appear to be fallling on the charts. It just hasn't shown up in the price action yet. In April, may or june we will be wondering why CRUS is going up through 27 and 28 for no reason. That will be the big boys paying themselves for their current buys.

      CRUS is no longer growing and analyst estimates are probably a tad high since the iphone is weak ect. But that is clearly all priced in and then some. Stock should be ok. But do your own research, i don't really know anything about the products ect, but i think my analysis in the top paragraph is accurate.

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