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  • mk54321 mk54321 Aug 6, 2013 9:44 AM Flag

    Motorola X8 NLP processor with low power microphones with audio sensor (aka Cirrus Logic -CS53L30 )

    The Motorola X8 processors will be in the Motorola Moto X model as well ast in all three new Android-powered phones announced recently for Motorola: the Droid Mini , Droid Maxx and Droid Ultra.

    •One local natural language processor (L‐NLP). Motorola proprietary low‐power specialized processor with audio sensors, noise estimators, noise cancellation, and speech recognition technology to enable always-on voice based user interaction without sacrificing battery life.

    Cirrus Logic Ultra-Low Power, 4-Channel Microphone A/D Converter Enhances Performance for Voice ApplicationsIn Volume Production Today, CS53L30 Features Four Analog or Digital Mic Inputs For High-Precision Voice Processing

    As you can imagine, a system that is always on, always listening, and always awake will drain the battery of any battery-powered device really fast. With the X8, Motorola has taken a bold new approach to kill two birds with one stone by using fewer cores and utilizing an extra pair of low-power cores for only the specialized computing tasks.

    The end result, as Motorola would have it, is a mobile computing system that is able to “deliver great experiences without killing the battery.” That’s pretty much the end-game of Motorola here: to keep its newest always-on devices, well, always on.

    There’s no reason it couldn’t be built into a different product later. In the short term, this is definitely a Motorola/Google differentiating feature, but the company could license the always-on silicon to fundamentally change the way more Android devices work.

    Cirrus logic CS53L30 :
    With ultra-low power consumption of less than 2.5 mW per channel, the CS53L30’s high- performance, four-channel microphone A/D converters enhance voice processing features such as noise suppression, acoustic echo cancellation and multi-channel beamforming and offer improved performance in voice capture processing for voice control and recognition.

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    • Moto X8 listening capabilities:
      So far we have plenty of news of Moto X8 listening capabilities, and according to them Motorola used a special triple-mic that has capability of noise termination skill and due to this Moto X8 users can talk to their device from 15 feet’s away i.e. 4.5 meter.

      It’s very easy to communicate with Moto X8 and user didn't have to do much in order to activate this skill. On start user has to turn on the touch less control, and once it is on it always will be waiting for you spoken commands

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