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  • mk54321 mk54321 Sep 12, 2013 1:23 PM Flag

    Why Apple's 64-bit iPhone chip is a bigger deal than you think

    In the wake of Tuesday's iPhone event, you've likely heard the news that iOS 7 and its core apps have been ported to 64-bit, and Apple's new iPhone 5s now has a 64-bit "A7" system on a chip (SOC) inside. You might have also heard that it's just a marketing stunt; a cynical attempt to wow consumers into buying Apple's latest and greatest iPhone.

    You heard wrong..................

    Most people just tink that 64 bit computing alows for addressing data over 4gb on memory..........Thaey are also wrong.

    More registers the immediate reason to use 64 bit to gain performance.

    The ability to access more RAM will definitely be necessary in the future, but it's ARMv8's 64-bit architecture that'll start paying off immediately. Extra registers — tiny units of storage inside the processor — let the A7 crunch numbers more efficiently, improving performance significantly for tasks like encoding and decoding video. Thanks in part to this, but mainly to its increased core count, higher clock speed, and improved GPU, the new iPhone 5s will likely fly through iOS apps with an aplomb never seen before

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    • MK, GZ: I would like to know what now, in essence, is the outcome of Apple's strategic decision to accept lower volumes for higher Margins. The analyst community has decided that Apple earnings is bound to be hit by this decision,and the market has responded in the short term with Thumbs down.

      Now, the real question: What is Apple really thinking? They are not stupid execs who just shun the obvious consequences that the market and analysts are assuming. They had to have some solid reasons to pursue the expensive, low market share, and high margin approach (hopefully!!!).
      Possible reasons:
      No Brand Dilution by "cheap" Apple products?
      Betting that consumers will pay up to have Apple vs cheaper rivals?
      Just didn't think thru the consequences thoroughly and got carried by "group think" - now regretting it?

      Can you guys speculate on these reasons? Is this strategy good?

    • no one gets it mk, AAPL is offering a top notch technology at a fair price..........were not going ot the teens again today is last day of lows JMHO!! have a great weekend!! Fall came fast.......

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      • KB .... chip experts say that there are plenty of gains to had even from a 64-bit chip without 4GB of addressable memory.
        For one thing, 64 bit integer math will allow the A7 to execute operations much faster than the 32-bit A6. “The fact that the A7 has twice as many processor registers means that more operations can occur without the processor using main memory, which is slower to access,” Carl Howe, VP of research and data sciences at the Yankee Group told AllThingsD. “This means for that, for some codes, the A7 will be twice as fast (or faster, depending on how many memory accesses the original code had) to run code, because the processor doesn’t have to use main memory as much.”
        This should also improve battery life, as well.
        Another benefit: ARMv8, the architecture on which the A7 is likely based, has a very efficient instruction set that’s great for resource-intensive applications. As Kevin Krewell, senior analyst at the Linley Group and a senior editor of Microprocessor Report, told AllThingsD, “The ARMv8 instruction set is clean-slate approach with many improvements. Even without 4GB of RAM, the A7 should make it easier to build larger applications like PC-class games and programs. Apps can now become real desktop-class programs and games.”


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