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  • roadrunne98 roadrunne98 May 7, 2001 1:13 PM Flag


    I like this stock. Have trouble with timing on getting in. I just got in at 23.50. Opinions on upside potential price for this one......Thanks.....Usually when I buy in , they go down...........Hope it doesn't pertain to this one. Upside potential opinions will be greatly appreciated............

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    • first let me say that this is a market like none i have ever seen in my years of investing. be wary of a lot of these so called analysts who think they know it all. they have brought many an investor to their knees. i still look at fundamentals like management, earnings, r & d, past performance, future potential, etc. it still takes some homework when looking for a good company. at present, things being what they are, i am looking at all the GOOD techincal companies with prices you may never see again. beleive me, the so called good ones are here to stay even with some of their earning shortfalls. you can not go wrong with a micrsoft, intel, sun micro, oracle, crus, emc, and yes even cisco and a few others, no matter what some of these so called experts say. these fed rate cuts and more to come will pay off later this year. this m.o. WILL WORK as it alway has in the past. one would need a book to go into all there is to say about what makes a market tick. best wishes, avr711.

    • CSCO popped it a bit this morning and will sink it mercilessly this afternoon. No visibility in it's business , losing market share to Juniper, investment portfolio in shambles. THis reflects the state of the Nasdaq. The 37% pop in the last month is a gift and not to take profits is folly. We're going back down hard.

      is that your gut feeling or you are basing it on some serious research or ta? to me it sounds like you might be praying for some devine insult intended. :)

    • Jebb, not with all the FED cuts we're not. I think a consolidation is in order too, but the "hard crash" you mention looks to be over for now. FED is going to drag this economy, kicking and screaming if neccessary, into a Bull cycle for 2002. It may not last, but it'll happen for a year at least.

      CRUS may also be on a bump and run through the Fall. That seems to be what happened last year and I suspect the money boys are salivating to do it again. The 50% GM announcement provides a great opportunity to pump this stock no matter what the underlying economics may show. It's no lose for these weasels, if CRUS doesn't make GM target, you dump it back to current price and if it does, then you sell at fair valuation and take profits. This stock is going for a ride, whether it deserves it or not remains to be seen next May.


    • great post avr711.

      what kind of ta do you usually do? seems like you have been in the biz for long. may be you can guide young people like me.

    • Hi Semi sector,

      I like your attitude. I myself have learnt my lesson and do ALOT of TA before getting into any stock.

      Would you mind sharing what kind of analysis you usually do? I used MACD (looking good for CRUS), RSI, BBs and CCI.

      It would be good to discuss some real stuff with someone and not just gut feelings of 30s and 40s etc.


    • CSCO popped it a bit this morning and will sink it mercilessly this afternoon. No visibility in it's business , losing market share to Juniper, investment portfolio in shambles. THis reflects the state of the Nasdaq. The 37% pop in the last month is a gift and not to take profits is folly. We're going back down hard.

    • ok smart ass, lets put our cards on the table. i have owned crus for over 3 years and bought it at 14, l0,000 shares. when it hit 40 on the way up it sold half of it and held the rest. now i will ride it up again. by the way i have played this market since i was 30 yrs. old. i am now 71 and you should only have the know how i have pertaining to market strategy. if your long lots of luck, if your short my condolences.

    • avr711, i been in this stock longer than you can imagine, no your eyes didn't deceive you, but it has deceived us many times, we rode it all the way upto 45+ and then back to below 10, i am doing my analysis just based on fundamentals, i am not like those guys who say, 30 by friday, or 40 by next month, and i did get wet when i saw it going below 10, so one point for you, be more rational and do some analysis, sanity prevails, most of the time.

    • do my eyes deceive me or did we not blow by 21 today. my friend you are all wet. obviously a short. this stock will see 25 by the end of the week.

    • what seems more likely to me is a trading pattern between 18-21 for the next few months, reasons are quite simple, we all know we had a very good institutional buying and momentum run when we continued our march towards 40, but then those were times, when we are thinking about 800+ mil $ company, with 50% growth and 44-46% profit margin, but this time around, MS business is slowing down 15-20%, given the expenses remain the same, that's a steady decline, and now company has to prove the growth into other sectors, like consumer audio, and that is still to be established, coupled with weak economy, what do you expect, a non-visibility,

      didn't we have our drop from 45+ to all the way to 18? we did, then we had the 2nd drop from 25 to all the way to 10 below? we did, when the liquidity flows into the stock, yeah sure it takes the price higher, just on a supply and demand basis, but then hits the colling off period, where stock easily loses it's 20% value, or sometime even more, in the absence of any firm visibility, i will tend to believe that stock will trade in high teens, till we see better visibility, stocks are for the long term, so just don't make conclusions about those breakout patterns and stuff, coz those are non-fundamental, fundamental is still the earnings, and profit margins, growth drives the stock price higher, and what we are seeing with this company is a decrease in growth, but long term still looks excellent, and i am talking 1-2 year out.

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