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  • dickbarnes562 dickbarnes562 Dec 23, 2009 9:47 PM Flag

    Would like advice on HQL investment now

    Howdy all. An investment newsletter that I follow (and which has made me a lot of money over the past two years) is now recommending HQL. I would appreciate the board's thoughts on the fund. Thanks in advance.

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    • I've been in this for 10+ yrs, buying on dips, the 10% divy was great, but no assurance that it will return. But this gives you great (IMO) diversity in both public and private bio companys. I have this in my 401 and believe it'll make me decent money over the next 20 yrs.

    • I agree with your post. Biotech long term should be one of the fastest growing areas for growth and I do think they will again start a distribution quarterly that should make it trade closer to parity.

    • Your thoughtful points taken. I'll view it as medium risk. Let's see how the coming year plays out.

    • The majority of folks who bought this in the past bought it for the divy as Idid with some hope of capital gains. There is nodivy and there is no sign that it is returning in a hurry. Do you have a link to the article you are referring to?

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      • Thanks for the info. I do not have a link, only a long, printed article that contained the recommendation. The newsletter is called Sound Advice. It's a subscription deal. Don't know if it's online or not. A friend has been passing it to me for years. The author emphasizes that HQL is a long-term,high risk/high reward investment Says they have made money twice with it, starting in the mid-1990s, and suggest that now is another good time to get in. So you veterans might see a little movement. Who knows? I have a little play money and think i'll put it here.

      • The 10% annual div. was halted because hql appreciation rate would not cover it, so you would be paying taxes thus taking a loss on your shares.

        In trying to boost the nav which has been trading around a 20% discount they are buying back 5% of the outstanding shares that has had little impact.

        I have several thousand shares and believe at some point the nav discount will be reduced by market forces and also the bio tech is a very good investment. I also think the mgt. is very good.

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