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  • Afogados Afogados May 14, 1999 11:31 PM Flag

    HQL is cooking!

    Let's revive this message board. I watched and
    waited and bought HQL in the low 10s and have watched it
    rise ever since. This closed-end fund has a good
    biotech exposure and is a good new technology bet. The
    fund has been dormant together with the sector but
    things seem to be getting much better. Any opinions out

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    • ...didn't see the date of your, my,
      my...this family doesn't get together very often, does it.
      Might help if there's more action here guys, so other
      people visiting might actually know there's something
      going on. The previous was my first post. First board
      I've been on that covers an entire year on one page!
      Looking to buy, but you guys look like you've been put to
      sleep...hoping this is not a reflection of the company. Maybe
      this stock is a real sleeper, as opposed to

    • ...why will people pay $12/mo. when they have a wide array of $0/mo, ISP's to choose from? Did USFunding give any particulars as to why anyone would want to use them as their ISP otherwise?

    • It's NOT a fund. It's a depositary receipt. Very
      different. Not actively managed, no forced capital gains
      taxes in the event of redemptions, ability to have the
      individual shares in the ADR issued to you without taxable
      consequences, etc.

    • a weighted depositary receipt of 20 large biotech
      companies (amgen being a very large fraction of the index).
      There's never a discount to NAV. If H&Q changed to an
      open ended fund structure, the discount would
      evaporate and fund holders would coup an immediate profit.
      The quarterly distribution has done nothing for the
      nav. I e mailed them and asked why it should, and got
      no comprehensible reply.

    • will soon come out with a biotech fund.
      the symbol will be bbh. It is not cheap ( 105 )however, it has a lot of good companies in it.

    • Closed-end, update: Back in February, David
      Tepper of
      Tepper Capital Management in San Francisco,
      one of
      this column's longtime closed-end fund
      recommended the H&Q Healthcare Investors
      (HQH:NYSE) and
      H&Q Life Sciences Investors
      (HQL:NYSE) funds.
      Since then, H&Q Healthcare is up
      around 12.8% and
      H&Q Life Sciences has gained 18.8%.
      "Both funds
      have positions in Gilead Sciences
      which has helped," Tepper says.

      Yet they both
      still trade at steep discounts to their net
      values, and "we have seen a fair amount of merger
      acquisition activity in the biotech/medical tech area
      probably will continue," which is why he remains

      bullish on both.

      Excerpt from

    • FYI
      NAV @ HQH = 22.89
      To get this info yourself call 800-451-2597

      Why can't HQL do better? The entire sector is on fire.

    • The only way to know is to visit HERE^^^^

    • What a piece of crap this fund is. All the
      biotech stocks are going up big and this piece of junk is
      still under 15, my purchase price a couple years ago.
      What a waste of time and money. I think I am going to
      get out soon. I'll pick my own biotechs and do much
      better than these idiot managers.


    • Minor correction to my previous

      Freebie yield (exclusive of the regular Nov/Dec cap gains
      should be about 10% in the case of HQH (and perhaps
      somewhat less for HQL). 8% per year = 2% per quarter * 4
      quarters on a NAV of 20 that you get for your $16
      So, 10% = 8% * 20/16.

      Again, three reasons to
      hold HQL/HQH: 1) great portfolio,
      2) discount from
      NAV that will be narrowed by the dividend,
      venture investments in start-ups probably carried at
      conservative valuations, 4) intensifying M and A activity in
      this sector.

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