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  • downn2 downn2 Dec 13, 2007 4:52 PM Flag


    Yes, I have a real concern after Bush is out, that the U.S. will push for some kind of world peace...Heck, everyone knows that it's bush everyone hates, not the U.S. and after he's gone, basically the threat of terror, thus the war will be over.....Yes, I worry there's a real possiblity Hilary is so damn competent, she just might be able to have the whole damn world getting along together so well together, that our precisous battlefields will be turned into playgrounds for the kids.

    On a brighter note,I'm sure our military leaders we able able to do to keep the world pissed off at the U.S. at least for a couple of years with is all we need to reap the gains it means for this company's stock..

    And if World Peace comes make a revival, heck, I'll have made enough money in the market, that I just may sell out, grow my Hair long again, drop some acid, get naked and join em......Certainly was more fun.