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  • dejpuj8 dejpuj8 Jul 11, 2012 12:12 AM Flag

    Any one else notice this?

    First Eagle Investment Management owns more shares than any of the other institutionals.

    First Eagle has a major office in Kansas City, MO

    ATK is in competition for that major government contract, it is likely they will get it, but we don't know how much.

    The location of the ATK plant designed to make these products for that government contract is 10 minutes down the road in Independence, MO

    So... do you think Blue Horseshoe likes ATK

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    • No news, but the MACD lines just crossed. The technicals are looking ugly. I notice every time that happens the volume goes up and not in a good way. The reason ATK has been going down is the investors are pricing in the loss of Lake City. That's why this contract is such a big deal. Last year they thought they had the Redford, VA bid in the bag. When they lost it in the fall, investors realized that 65% of their revenues from the government were not untouchable. ATK gasped and appealed the loss...sure enough in Jan the military said "you're out, BAE is in". The Lake City contract is huge. This stock is not really going to attract buyers until everyone knows who will win the bid. Another shocker, November puts went through the roof, open interested jumped by 1500 contracts. Right now people are selling, hedging with puts or buying calls. Like I say, it's sad they did not diversify sooner, they are a fantastic company. We should know within the next 30 days

    • your logic makes no sense - please explain ?