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  • langdonsmith langdonsmith Mar 3, 2014 11:27 AM Flag


    I see different brands popping up everywhere. Atomic in Walmart/ Off brands etc. Im sure ATK understands that every round they don't make gives the competition inroads to the consumer and is in fact a lost sale. Walmart should be carrying Federal as its mainstay. How hard is it to open another plant(s) to recapture market leadership? I would rather shoot Federal/ CCI/Blazer than other brands but this is getting ridiculous. ( And yes I know they sell everything they make but their future earnings power is compromised as other companies have now earned shelf space.). Comments?

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    • It"s not how much you make, it's how you package. These cats produce 500, 1000 round boxes 2 an 4 two a case instead of shipping (50) boxes of 50 ct ammo which = 1000 bullets. This is lose lose for everyone. Since retailers have limits on quantity purchases, a single customer buys a 1000 box while 16 customers could of been serviced with a 50 pack box. ATX an OLIN make a killing because of the cost savings. The consumer gets screwed when he has to repurchase from a scalper with a 100% mark up. The producer gets screwed because he has destroyed the market. People I know already have a life supply of ammo because they are tired of this bulshit. Notice how quite the woods are now, people who have don't shoot because it is to hard to replace. People who don't have, don't have the ammo to shoot are too smart to pay a scalpers price. Everyone loses. There are proberly more bullets in the hands of consumers than anytime in history all because you can't go to the store and see a box of ammo everyday, anyday.

    • Part of the anti-gun strategy. They are going through the back door now and it's working. They just shut down the last lead smelting plant in the US so now we have to import it all. First the small arms treaty ban through the UN and now this. Those new Demmi strategy's are working quite well. You'll eventually have to register all ammo that you purchase. Kind of like you can have your guns but not ammo. Looks like we need to all get a reloader and go into biz.