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  • HappyLenny HappyLenny Jan 4, 2002 3:49 PM Flag

    Down today is OK, next month $14

    who else agrees? It was good to see that it can go above 10.3

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    • I agree completely. The CEO and CFO speak at a
      communications conference next Tuesday. I wouldn't be short this thing at all. Where is the negative preannouncement the shorts should be hearing about???......It isn't coming....good news ahead.

    • The key was closing above 9.75 the last couple of days. Todays close gives us retracement to that point which was necessary to now move forward and blast through 10. On an even more bullish note this stock has not been trending with the market. It's move has been independent of market conditions for the most part, and that movement has been upward. This is very positive for a large increase in share price in the upcoming weeks. Just remember, the big boys have to get theirs for this thing to fly. Then the upgrades.

113.61-1.23(-1.08%)Jun 30 4:00 PMEDT