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  • sunwyboy sunwyboy Sep 24, 2003 10:29 AM Flag

    You can be sure of one thing here

    Ntes will not go down without some fear. The longs have gotten so confident that they see no reason to sell and every pull back is a buying opportunity.

    It was the same way in '99-'00. I owned stocks that sold off 10-15 dollars on one day and were up 20 the next two. Then there came the day when we had two days in a row of down 8-12. On the third day I saw some stuff off 30-40 points. Now that was fear taking hold. That time will come to this stock but who knows what will be the catalyst.

    If you are looking to go short, wait for some fear.

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    • Let's look at something that you are scared of, chump boy.

      THE FACTS.

      Ntes vs. MSFT

      P/B 23.9 vs. 5.23

      P/S 43.7 vs. 9.95

      Trailing PE 1126 vs. 32

      Forward PE 39.75 vs. 24

      Margins 44.36 vs. 31

      MSFT has that little thing called "monopoly" status. Ntes has that little thing called "commodity" status.

      If you will just admit (like I did) that you are playing the mo mo and that this company is nothing but a pipe dream, then we can find some common ground. You can be long and I will be short.

      Just don't bash the facts idiot boy.

    • fear is present now...everyone has $$ in their eyes and are clouded. Greed is a funny thing. What to fear?

      -- valuations
      -- revenue longevity
      -- accounting issues
      -- non disclosure of company revenue problems
      -- non disclosure of new China Mobile contract
      -- environmental issues (government intervention, currency, etc...)
      -- negative press reagrding valuations
      -- SEC investigation
      -- shareholder suits
      -- pornography connections
      -- competition


      This is a time bomb...everyone knows it but everyone is buying into should be fearing this stock right now.

      I remain short inthe high $50's...these increases are testing my convictions right now, but I cannot find any good, ongoing news for this company.

    • You think you can catch the falling knife ? when it go down, it may go down 20 dollars. Remember emlx ?it went down from 130 to 50 in a hour

    • so true - when it rains, it pours! I think that moment of tanking is in the sight.

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