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  • alicante_2001us alicante_2001us Mar 16, 2004 12:56 AM Flag


    IN China there is no accounting and auditing mostly all Fraud company.

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    • hydralistor :
      exactly my point, "you don't know!! mgmt don't know, nobody knows anything =CLUELESS" but everything is ok please don't sell your 20-30 shares just buy and hold and wait for $129.-

      good luck, i hope your parachute fits snug you will need it!

    • Once somebody is guilty of one thing, the ignorants will think about all the bad things the person did (no matter if the person did it or didn't do it, or no matter if the person had a motive at all).

      They ignore the fact that the mistake was self-disclosed to the public only weeks AFTER it was made. They also forgot that the old management team got the punishment --- losing their jobs and jobs prospect (who would like to hire them as their CEO, CFO?)

      All these are deterrents for future violators.

      The new management is most conservative --- if you know how they report earning and profit. Also, almost all revenue of NTES are received in CASH (with the exception of China Mobile and China Unicom's receivables). The kind of mistakes experienced by earlier internet companies simply could not mathematically reproduce here.

    • just put him to ingore.
      just clueless one.
      don't know "listed" and "traded".

    • NTES did not seek listing there, and these markets trade NTES shares on their own initiative.

      By the way, these markets trade a few thousand shares per day, right? Its volume is insignificant compared with Nasdaq where NTES is officially listed. NTES is not officially listed there, and that is the reason.

      Good luck to you ....
      Well, if you open one trading place at your own home, and call a few friends to do the trading, you might be able to achieve a trading volume of a few dozens of shares per YEAR. Who knows?

      By the way, what does it gain for NTES to "hide" its listing?

      Something too naive to believe probably IS.

    • chfriend03;
      thanks for comparing Xetra Frankfurt and the Berlin stock exchange to my home!!
      mgmt is clueless and lies!

      but what do you expect from a company incorporated in the cayman islands?

      please explain why NTESF and NTES are both listed on the nasdaq?

    • The management was right. NTES is only listed on Nasdaq.

      But you can open your own trading at your own home, without NTES management knowing it at all. So could these foreign markets. But NTES has no official listing there. Nor does NTES file in these countries.

    • hydrolistor;
      EXACTLY MY POINT, the mgmt team is clueless! the left hand does not know what the right hand does!!
      the IR dept does not know that there are multiple listings of NTES!

      reminds of mr. skilling of ENRON in front of congress, "I dont remember, I really can't recall"....."everything will be ok just hold and please do not sell"

    • See the SEC filing youself.

    • yes SMIC is next: SMIC clarifies inaccurate statements ahead of IPO
      It said it doesn't believe available cash sources "will be sufficient to meet our capital requirements," and the company "will be required to pursue additional external financing" to meet its capital needs through 2005.

      Last week, SMIC was forced to back off a statement by its chief financial officer, Jenny Wang, during a videoconference that the company had sufficient funding to meet its capital requirements until 2005. That statement contradicted information in documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for its IPO. In an additional SEC filing on Thursday, SMIC said a company officer made an inaccurate statement about the company's ability to meet its capital requirements in 2005. It said it doesn't believe available cash sources "will be sufficient to meet our capital requirements," and the company "will be required to pursue additional external financing" to meet its capital needs through 2005.

      The high valuation shows how investors have chosen to set aside a number of potential concerns because of interest in the company's prospects for rapid growth. Among the challenges SMIC must face are fears that semiconductor demand will fade beginning next year, an intellectual-property lawsuit filed by TSMC in December, a future share overhang from stake disposals by existing shareholders, and a need for further capital to finance operations.

      • 1 Reply to holgertim
      • Email to NTES investor relations! this email shows the incapability of the crew over in china! NTES are ADRS or ADS and have to be listed some where else than the nasdaq!

        > > hi,
        > >
        > > are you also listed on the hong kong exchange? what is the symbol
        > >
        > > please advise
        > >
        > > thanks
        > > regards

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        Sent: Monday, March 15, 2004 21:54
        Subject: Re: netease hong kong

        > Thanks for your email. We are now only listed in Nasdaq.
        > Best,
        > Olive
        > NetEase

        > Power to the people!

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