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  • jforuus jforuus May 29, 2003 5:36 PM Flag

    How quidkly the forget

    Good. Very Good. Keep Buying. Start Leveraging your account as well. Why not!

    Its not gonna dip below 4 or is 5 you gents are proclaming. Time to break out the mutual fund portfolio (notice the sarcasm in my voice), undoubtely there are a few of you who are already on that road already.

    I know. Once a junky has a taste of a nice slope, they start going bonkers (exactly lets go buy what was it in the last post u mentioned beaglebailey CMGI at 120, why not). 2 lousy batteries is that was the bottom lines and your all ready to bet the farm, Poker players you gents and ladies are. Nice!! Very nice. Buy I tell you. Get that divorce as well, you can't afford to be married either anymore after your that rich, who needs to deal with imbeciles then. Did I mention BUY.

    Sailsouthnow sir,
    At this rate you and Mr. Buffett ("I NEVER SOLD A STOCK I EVER BOUGHT") Boy will be pier-mates and twinging each others Banjo's down in Louisiana, sippin' on margaritas.

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