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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 30, 2010 2:50 PM Flag

    A VLNC holder from the days of the MOT debacle

    As anything in order to get the incredible returns most want from a stock you need to trade time for price, its a golden rule, is it not?

    You can extroplate and interpolate this statement to any monster gains from such stocks as APPL, F, get the picture.

    We are in the infancy stages and we are not even in the sub-cellar we maybe several floors below that but the elevator is rising I assure you. To back up that statement I shall loosely quote what you wrote in response to my post. "The just recieved their biggest order from Smith Electric and it hasn't moved", the focus on is recieved biggest order thus far and it is in a positive direction.

    You and I both know men with vision think much further then a year or two, but rather in decades, here VLNC is; energy soverignity is more important issue then ever. I don't want to talk in micro-economics for this company, but to illustrate the fact you mentioned regardin Smith Electric realize that they recieved an initial order for $13M add to the fact this is a trial run we are talking about a company with 250K trucks (coca cola, frito lay..etc.)

    Many quip about it being a penny stock, to that I ask you a question, would you rather buy at 40.20 or $0.75 for a rise to $7 or 410 or whateve the price is down the road as the company succeeds in its Mission Statement. The same statements can be made for many successful and unsuccessful companies and there in it lies the rub. Your an investor and it is up to you risk manage your investments and goals. I find it interesting a person to bash a company critically with out constructive critiscm, why? Isn't that a waste of one of two most important resources every investor has, TIME?!! Capital being the other.

    One must have an underlying reason to do so, perhaps one's own gain or now they have made it personal regarding a company. You never invest in a single company that it become PERSONAL; you have lost sight and are bound to fail because isn't removing emotion a cardinal rule for the market. You can't fall in love or hate a product or service, period.

    Expecting someting to become reality is the name of the investing world before day traders entered it. Look at your desk and observe the things that lay upon it that were just mere "thoughts" 20 or 30 years ago and in the investment world that is what it is all about. Sure buying something at $1 and having it $300 in a week is optimal but we both know aside for insider trading its not the case.

    Are you uncertain of TEAM VLNC credibility? You can visit the site, its not off limits.

    Product concern? Best Buy has them on their shelves.

    Managment concerns? Tts a list of Who's Who from various sectors. Its an All-Star team, period.

    Market Cap concern? The gammot of what and where they can be implemented is only limited to their production levels eventually; again think in decades, not years.

    You want NOW! well, there is Atlantic City, Las Vegas and Monte Carlo to start with. You want to invest, you have a mirad of choices to choose from it all depends upon that famous quote "reward - risk tolerance".

    Is VLNC going to hit $5 tomm. probabaly not, does it the promise to hit $5, defn., $300 sure after the apply the laws of halfing and doubling and shake-outs the smart money will eventually drive it up that far.

    If you believe in what you have or think to have amazing how patient an investor can be. Team VLNC investors have been patient for 15+ years and I believe they shall be rewared in the near future. Time will only tell....

    Good luck.