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  • mpm70_2004 mpm70_2004 Nov 26, 2010 4:09 PM Flag

    Kevin Harkin on BBC Radio

    "someone needs to talk to Obama about setting up a federal mandate" - another bearded Marxist policy...

    "it should be federal so that no one is exempt from polluting the streets of any US city" - no one except the government...

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    • personally slick, I own valence stock, so if China or other commie markets turns valence into a billion dollar company and a 100 stock while EVs go nowhere in america, I would make out well. But I see the big picture that most seem to fail to see accept people like Donald Trump, who knows we are a sinking country. yes we are the spittin image of the old Roman Empire, a bunch of greedy people who love money and power while selling the rest down the river and somehow make them happy while it happens. If we dont take care of our infrastructure, the nation will crumble as we import everything. we will cease to exist as before. everyone will have communism or other influence put on them like it or not. you will be controlled by idiots like noway who will have no mercy on you or your opinion or ideas of democracy. mock what I say, but history has a way of repeating itself. the second coming is my best way to be free of the coming demise of this nation, if we dont do something now.

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      • Great now we have a religious nut on this board, now we have it all.

        Listen up..

        We don't care if men die on rigs.

        If the president is black, white or red.

        If there are no WMD to be found.

        They didn't pass the Volker rule, its on them.

        You want religion its called a church, good luck, watch out for the boy lovers wearing rosary beads.

        Ross Perot was this countries last shot.

        All we want is a new Murcielago by 2014 is all we care about.