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  • trunkmonk2012 trunkmonk2012 Nov 28, 2010 2:59 PM Flag

    Kevin Harkin on BBC Radio

    "There's a reason the Founders advised, and set up, the country under the guidelines of Separation of Church and State"
    wrong as always, your premise, and your whole ramble, has nothing to do with our founding fathers. nowhere is it in the constitution, only freedom of religion. they founded this country on freedom of religion, not persecution of religion like you are doing right now. they left europe because of religious persecution, which seems to be alive and well in this country today.
    as long as there are those against it like you, I will be public for it. we will see who wins in the end, I mean the very end.
    have you shorted valence lately, or you just here to attack something or someone.