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  • Highlowsel Highlowsel Nov 29, 2010 9:37 AM Flag

    Kevin Harkin on BBC Radio

    Trunk: "...they founded this country on freedom of religion, not persecution of religion like you are doing right now." need to get a grip....exactly where in my little commentary do you read that I'm persecuting religious points of view? Personally I care less anyone's espoused religious viewpoint, so long as they don't require me, or try to force me by using my tax dollars, etc., to believe as they do.

    As for shorting VLNC...hmmmm...I'm a trader...been so for some time...and I've tracked VLNC closely since circa 1990. I daresay I've done a little of both (long/short). Regardless, you would recognize, if you bothered to read better my commentary and be less reactionary, that basically I'm positive about VLNC, but +20yrs of tracking means I ain't naive about it either.

    Now let's see how VLNC does today...up 3pennies at open.

    American Citizen

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