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  • an_aone_an_atwo an_aone_an_atwo May 9, 2011 9:14 AM Flag

    Smith Electric chooses A123? How does this affect VLNC?

    From Crain's Detroit Business:

    A123 Systems Inc., supplier of lithium-ion batteries and cells, will produce battery modules for Kansas City, Mo.-based Smith Electric Vehicles to use in freight-hauling trucks. The packs will be produced at A123's Livonia plant.

    A123 expects to begin shipping modules to Smith in the second half of this year.

    Smith's customers include Frito Lay North America Inc., Staples, The Coca-Cola Co., Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd. and the U.S. Marine Corps.

    Shawn Wright

    (www dot) crainsdetroit (dot) com/article/20110508/SUB01/305089947/this-just-in-new-owner-reopens-original-la-shish

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    • they must be very confident, they are not seeking new business. I think they need some new managament.

    • very good point, they lose in a quarter what most companies, including valence, do in years.

    • The good news is that Smith seems to believe that orders are increasing to the extent of needing more than one supplier.They no doubt want to avoid interruptions in supply such as the Japanese auto makers are experienceing now. Smith have had no press release on a123. I think that A123 were desperate to get that little piece of good news out today having to post such really bad numbers sales off 26% I looked at Kanodes presentation and noticed several new pages of interest

    • no, I saw the writing on the wall when Kanode said it would be stupid for certain customers to not have a second supplier, then he says A123 is our only competition, now they have the same customer as of today. after he made those statements, and vanadium is not until next year now, and Adleman is Mr. Idleman, I realized they have a long way to go.

    • spoke to key sources. VLNC is confident in their model and smith will keep ordering from them.

      look for solid guidance and the qtr will be almost over....b/e around the corner.

      buy any dip. kanode has been telling everyone today that smith will use A123...Smith informed VLNC of A123's low ball pricing.....Smith and Hansel will do anything to get in Obamas pocket. Let's see if A123 cares enough when fisker ramps


    • p. VLNC10BAGGER mention how A123 insdiers are dumping, better yet doesn't NASDAQ have it on file?

      q. you wanna part with your shares go for it..i will hold, they are turning up the heat now, PUNISH them for dropping the price!!

      r. why do you think they have a phrase called a "shake-out"? what happens after it?

      s. 2 weeks is what we have left and that isn't going to be the tip of the start, have you been waiting this long for a 60% pop..i don't think so.


      u. TED WARREN THE INVESTOLATOR WOULDN'T PART WITH HIS SHARES, HE TAUGHT YOU TO THINK IN HEARS and he was a man of less then 8th grade education.

    • j. for the bulls pretending to be bears, your credibility dwindles every day, if your a bull that wants to bring the price down before the CC in less then 3 weeks, shame on you.

      k. 3 weeks is what you have to draw the line and figure out where you are now the facts and indicators are clearly changing.

      l. we didn't find this compnay via the street dot com or goldman sachs or seeking alpha we found it via our own DD and you shouldn't let some johnny come lately scare you off your turf.

      m. Didn't Mr. Kanode mention China? you know what is going on in China, how the population wears gas masks and fuel crunches cripple roadways for miles and days? are you blind to it all just to be correct?

      n. haven't the VLNC insdiers been buying for the past year?

      o. didn't Rad say get some now at $1.25-$1.30 while you can?

    • f. Robert Kanode wouldn't express concern about VLNC product being pirated if it isn't which only means more renvenues to follow which we haven't accounted for, its only a matter of time.

      g. look for "VLNC inside" insignia in products soon

      h. let me see India, China and Africa are yet not tapped and the bears are concerned about competiting, what a joke, rather then admit facts have change, they want to hold on to thier pride.

      i. follow thier lead and you can learn what pain is at the end of the will look back, damn it, why was i so admant about being correct. it cost me. cut your losses and future losses now and reasses the situation or drop being an analyst of this company or come make some money with us.

    • Thanks to the link to a restaurnat. DB

      Is that why all the insiders have been dumping this stock from the get go?

      Nice..real nice (sarcasm for the not so sharp!)

      Note!! who he was and what he posted, accountabiliy.