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  • hahhah!!

    Whats even more bullish and can't be manipulted is the fact the Team VLNC has added over 80 people to its payroll recently.

    An increase of 20% of its forces. Only one thing that means, its pumping PRODUCT OUT at a rate its current work force could not support.

    I hope your not dumping your shares on the cheap!! are you. You are though.

    I said sell at $1.57 its time start picking up small schnitzels and punish them at any large gap downs.

    You got a 30% shave if you didn't, Daddy is back on the buying trail and it has NOTHING to do with the RUSSEL INDEX.. that stuff is for TOOLS, 10bagger.

    Though I am no profit or seer.

    You don't won't me to dissect why Russel Index buys are for TOOLS. To be honest if you bought way too many shares this is when you sell into strength and you can count on them bringing her down again. Lets not get over worked. (hiring over 80 people is a premonition).

    I personally think they are still going to shake out some of you HAMS that bought it on MARGIN, yet AGAIN and are now sweating it with this random drop back to day's opening price YET AGAIN. When will you learn?!!

    I hope you do sell, cuz I really want to add some more shares where SVET added on to $1.05. LET THE SHANNIGANS BEGIN!!! :)

    Tool signing off.

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    • jforuus, 1.05 was a great price :-) This was the first time in my investing history when I sold everything and went long with one security. It may go down again - I am not sure, but I have really strong feeling that longs will be rewarded very well here. I will keep my main investment intact until 2.15. I hope that this will be this year – even in the coming months. VLNC needs just confirmation of Smith business and one (of many that are pending) good news to shoot up. Once the profitability is confirmed - then we can easily go to 4-5 area next year.
      What is your price target and timing.

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      • Svet that is ballsieee and reckless but thats what the fabric of this country is based on, slowly eroded by Gov't lack of interest to monitor and punish the unjust. (thats another story).

        I have no price target that I would responsibly share with you, but I assure you I did not hold on to this company for this long for a lousy 400%. I have been tempering my angst with consistent purchases of high yield dividend income funds lately. I can ride this out for quite some time and then some.

        My theory is the longer this simmers at below $2 the more time I have for growth in my other investments. When these yahoos decide to bring the pps to a value where I can catch another July 10 botoom relative to price and fundamentals. I will be 3/4 ALL in only. :)

        You have to make them PAY and I think by now they realize the resolve of the long term VLNC share holder. Pain is just another avenue of expression, bring it. What we relish, matter of act is what they FEAR, it has the opposite result of what they desire. They want us to be buying in Euphoria not in PAIN. They simply don't make money that way. That is thier methodology and plays opposite to the human psyche. Under the bell curve of probability and statstics the nauture of man will always be exploited.

        The programs have been tweeaked on the x and y axis over the course of time. Your golden rule should be NEVER BUY on margin, they will punish you like they did with this slight drop again. Yes the index was buying but they might do another turn to make the index fund to rollover yet again, cha chink cha chink. You be there also and learn to capitalize when they are, synergy is the term. Margin on the other hand is like having allegiances with men that will turn on you in the midst of a front line campaign. Quickly you shall find yourself looking at the wrong end of the broad sword.

      • RXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation
        (NasdaqCM: RXII )

        This one can make you some money. Do the DD on it. Yes I own shares in this company.

    • here is the link 329 was # of previous employees, but I went with 349; until I get home to check my records.

      Or one of you can kindly verify.