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  • mendorider2000 mendorider2000 Aug 21, 2011 4:29 PM Flag

    Electic Cars in the Rural Areas

    Charging stations move electric cars out of city

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    • Charging Stations LEVEL III

      How to build one:

      30 Amp breaker
      Square D transformer (step up)
      480V plug

      Bam you have it.

      You want to start a buisness, put together a company that makes a kit like this for a local electrcian to instlal in a cookie cutter format and send me some royalites.


      They have lended out the GOLD 10X over the amount they have and investors are coming calling for the hard gold.

      Swissfranc has a run on it but the U.S. citizen can't have that denomination when they cash out.

      Saadam had his time, Khadafi's time is up and the Republican and Democrats time is next. Our political systems allignment is with Large Corporations and Large Corporations allignment is with globalization and maximizing profits, F NATIONALISM is there model.

      The want to destroy the U.S. and set up a world order where the EU is the reigning power and we are handing it to them.

      The NSA is too busy about worrying about laundary bags being left at the laundromat instead of concentrating on the terrorist of the U.S. poitical system and the corruption of politicans giving away our children's future. We are at the point of no return. They want us to riot.

      This game isn't about you and me it about Billionaires trying to take as much money they can from the Millionare who are the middle class. You and I fall into serfdom now.

      Do you think that mad man just decided to kill 69 innoncent, he had a reason, a message no matter how demented it was he was trying to send. He wasn't taking out the children of the ELITE but the children of the middle class, what a schmuck.