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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 22, 2011 2:00 PM Flag

    Adleman and Kanode - next logical move to build out of the Empire

    The password is ZIP.

    Time for your team to make a strong pitch to them from the side of EVI and alternative energy.

    They are young "zipsters" that all too happy to use energy efficient alternative energy vehicles.

    Generation Y isn't about the CADILLAC or the GM and FORD POS. Somebody tell Al M. the day most of my friends and I stopped buying Ford was when we took apart the trunk motor latch of a 1991 Firebird which was made of plastic designed to break after a 150 lb. window slams on it after 500 times. We said F these DBAnyways....He lost us and our families forever...we laugh about how much of POS move that is...god knows the rest of the engineering. N E ways....

    Get on the ZIP car band wagon, make some more in-roads, we need some meetings at strip clubs and steak dinners..maybe RICK's Cabaret or the Million Dollar Club in it! Maybe you need me on your team. I am available and much more charismatic then your current sales team I suspect. Just it.

    Add Zip Cars to the UPS and Smith Electric and Segway roster....

    Now we are building EMPIRES. GET ON IT!

    Why do you have to read a message board for such ideas. In my world your competition is reading this as well. God Speed.

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    • Hopefully your team had foresight to initate such ideas long before you heard it from here...

      This company ZIP is ALL about alternative thinking and lifestyle and energy, their clients are the perfect base for EVI. The logistics are a perfect marriage....this is your pitch...I need to be on your salesteam.

      1. alternative energy play
      2. perfect for your demogographic, the young.building a relationship..a connection something FORD and GM have lost sight of and their trust.
      3. Range, most of the vehicles are in city areas used for people to do day trips, laundary, shopping, movies, date nights.
      4. A plethera of them located nationally
      5. It will attract the youth and their thirst for change away from the POS Big Oil companies
      6. Market recognition in all avenues.
      7. Start bring cost down as well when it comes to building out

      I want a bonus mailed me when you land this deal!! :)