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  • jforuus jforuus Jan 24, 2012 3:00 PM Flag

    More Buying

    I see there was alot of retail buying today in the $0.98 range.

    I bought another batch of 2K shares@ 0.98 as well.

    If we expect her to run buying at below a buck shall yield a nice profit one must infer.

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    • You are a clown!! First you criticize ENA as a 5 cent stock then claim you bought and made money!! You're full of it.. 2000 shares of VLNC @ .98, that's taking a big risk!!!

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      • lol

        come on don't be that way.

        when your g.f. vlnc hits $60 I wil buy you a drink in VEGAS and put a $500 on your lucky number on the roulette table!

        yes, I criticize always regarding the truth. Yes selling to the Chinese is risky buisness and they are the master of the re-engineering for the cheap only second to the Indians. Yes the American Super Conductor fiasco fortified my dislike for their buisness ethics though we all should be used to such tactics and seasoned vetreans of our own Wall St.

        I also have been trading ena for quite sometime. I was buying and selling for the last 3 years. I unfortunately have a batch of it at $1.60 and $$0.93 and $0.81 and $0.19 as well and have been avg. down time to time with schnitzels. I think ENA is a sleeper and when the market falls in love with her she will be off to the races..perhaps exchanging leads with VLNC.

        I said I picked up a schnitzel of vlnc..thats a schnitzel for me. I am not as wealthy moneterial as you perhaps.

        Don't be mad RFMN! I just like to call a spade a spade regardless if I am long or not the stock, thats just me.

        I didn't know I had to explain myself to you.

    • Yeah, starting over as far as staying over a buck. Oh well, I think it will happen eventually. May be a little more selling pressure in the next few days, could be an opportunity to buy back the 30% I recently sold. I wonder if people will get nervous and pare back before the next quarterly announcement.