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Valence Technology Inc. Message Board

  • vlnc_vandium vlnc_vandium Apr 3, 2012 11:35 AM Flag

    AONE dilution coming

    A123 will need to raise 50-75 million with a 1:1 warratn coverage at least so that means 100 - 150 millionmore shares o/s!!

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    • rfmn19 Apr 4, 2012 12:50 PM Flag

      When ever someone calls you maggots out for what you really are and here for,( bashing), you put them on ignore. Pretty soon you'll have everyone on ignore, except for a few of your clown buddies!


    • Berg may indeed come to the rescue one more time. In fact, as I stated when I first bought in, my premise was that he would do something, such as purchase more shares or loan more money, that would help the company avoid delisting. That looks less likely now, in fact it is possible that he wants the price to remain low, and might make a tender offer, or take the company private at some point.

      Again j, my main point is that the company is in lousy shape financially, and that affects all aspects of the business. Less R&D, less chance of launching initial startup on new technology, less money to spend if capacity expansion, etc. is needed. Not to mention the interest expense, which makes profitability next to impossible for the foreseeable future.

      What I find somewhat amusing is people on this board talking about how bad AONE is financially, when VLNC is at least their equal there if not worse. And while there is some chance that VLNC might steal some customers from AONE in the future, there are no guaranteees or even indication that this will happen.

      Totally agree with you about the ignore list, I am loving that.

    • Funny how the pumpers talk about AONE dilution when VLNC dilution in constant and never ends.

    • I don't think you have to worry about Bankruptcy since Carl Berg is the CB for the time being. This company is frustrating which is an understatment. There are quite a few investors that have passed on waiting for VLNC to go; I fear I have another close friend who is soon to join their ranks.

      I agree the pump and dump crowd is the only one that makes money.

      I put that other guy on "ignore" quite sometime ago; you should try it.

    • And the bad news for AONE is pouring:

      1. It is not sure if Fisker will produce their next model in USA:
      "Fisker Automotive, a maker of plug-in hybrid sports cars, may build its second model outside of the United States"

      2. They are pushing the production date back
      "LaSorda said Fisker would make a decision on where to build the Atlantic by the end of the summer, when production of the model was initially expected to begin. That will now be pushed back."

      3. There is not 100% guarantee that AONE will be their supplier:

      "LaSorda told reporters it was considering a number of battery suppliers for the Atlantic, including A123."

      ..... Not good for AONE. Happy that I stayed with VLNC :-))

      • 2 Replies to svetlin_rangelov
      • svetlin, I'm with you, I almost invested in Aone a few days before the big drop. I was waiting for them to go below their 52 week low. I'm glad I did not jump. The problem with Valence is it is so easy to manipulate with its volume. I have not been around as long as most folks here, so I will not talk about the past but I think Valence stinks in PR but they do not do a bad job managing their resources and I think they are building to really take off. The question here should not be if but when. That is what is frustrating to most.

      • I could name better stocks that are performing better for me than this one, but there are one too many here that I dont want to share that with. VLNC an AONE are some of the worst performing stocks on the market. the only ones that make out here are the scabs that pump and dump.
        if anyone wants this company to perform they should maybe try and talk to Berg, or a whole bunch try and contact the company.
        why is Kanode so well compensated when, since he has taken over, he has more that doubled the float, deflated the stock price, hired sales that has done nothing and possibly lost customers, lost a very good CFO, keeps telling everyone how great LG is, sat on vanadium for 5 years, pushed gross margin that possibly cost customers?
        Im sure there is much explanation for each of these, but at the end of the day the stock is at an all time low for most who are invested here, people like Larry love to be here because they can thrive here, and anyone can invest here cause the price always drops out so there is no hurry to get in when it goes up.

    • take this info with your big mouth and show it to Kanode ...PLEASE

      companies like Nisson are getting in the door with traditional methods, end up putting vanadium to the right people, and thus making Kanode look pretty silly sitting there with hundreds of vanadium patents and no product.

      ...PLEASE help them and fellow shareholders.

    • as soon as you start making any contribution whatsoever and create posts that have to do with the company and not its shareholders, just like Larry, then maybe I will not post here anymore. as far as all my shares, why dont you do something, anything constructive, and call Kanode and tell him to get something, anything done, so that the price goes up so I can sell at my price. with no shares, unlike Larry, I will not post on a board other than once and a while. Although I consider you are useless or even damaging here, I can only hope you help in some way.

    • rfmn19 Apr 3, 2012 8:33 PM Flag

      Go away............. PLEASE!

    • Interesting how the stories of the 2 companies correspond. As long as the cuthroat competition and almost non-existent gross margin continues, both companies are in trouble financially. Its really more about survival at this point, than dreaming about $800,000 to $1,000,000 market caps as some are speculating here. Its funny to me how many are crowing that the AONE debacle is going to tremendously help VLNC, as if that is some kind of given. It is anything but that, unless AONE completely disappears, which is unlikely.

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