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  • spook2b spook2b Apr 18, 2013 12:31 PM Flag

    dachmeister, bgdnad et al.

    dachmeister, I saw your msg over on the SONS board. I've been posting any VLNC info I find over on the ValenceComplaint2012 board - my link for this board wasn't working. I'll try to figure out a way to link anyone interested in those discussions. Much harder since Yahoo put a crimp in links.

    Wife's surgery went well, and follow-ups are very encouraging - no cancer. I took an early retirement, and we're enjoying not having 2b in the daily grind.

    Yahoo evidently censors my posting name, it comes out as #$%$. I noticed dach used Spook2b - capital S and that seemed to work - crazy!

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    • Spook2b, I am very happy to hear the good news about your wife. : ))) You want miss the grind, for sure, my friend, and, of course, it's a smart move to be with her. With your nimble mind, I have no doubt you will be always busy doing something interesting. Again, I am very grateful for the wisdom from your past posting on this board. Unfortunately, I did not pass the litmus test and get accepted to the ValenceComplaint2012 board for whatever reason. I submitted the required criteria twice!! Well, I suppose the gatekeeper over there has suspcions about me. I would be certainly be interested in those discussions, so if it is not too much trouble please pipe me the links at "bgdnad" using my Yahoo email.

    • Found the board ... will track through there as well. Thanks for the head-up.

    • Good news on the mate. Key to rewarding retirement, in my opinion from experience and observation, is to keep your creative juices running and get up every day with a "to do" list. I call it: returning to my pre-kindergarten state -- no work, no school, but plenty of things to explore and opportunities to help others.
      I'll check out the complaint board. You take care and continued good luck.