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  • bigcue_98 bigcue_98 Feb 11, 1999 11:07 PM Flag

    For "Rick Wolf/HellQat" on SI re Your #8

    I don�t know what prompted your admission (SI msg
    # 8189) that you previously posted as HellQat on
    the SI during December and January, but I find this
    very disconcerting. I bring this up because I
    specifically raised this issue with you in my Yahoo msg # 9019
    dated 9 Feb. I stated that what "I don�t understand is
    how you found time to make such copious and detailed
    notes during the video..". I further asked "Do you have
    other sources? ", and concluded "I don�t recall seeing
    your postings on SI", so "Who are you?"

    In what
    now appears to be a less than honest answer, you
    stated in your SI #9025 message that "I just write fast"
    and "it helps me remember and fill in the blanks,
    later. I sat in the front row and took notes. Glad that
    �add� was there, he filled in a lot of blanks later.."
    You never mentioned posting under the HellQat
    signature. You just "appeared", much like the shorts do on
    the Yahoo/SI threads.

    Although my response #
    9026 was general in nature, I quietly wondered how you
    could have noted and absorbed all of the information
    that you subsequently put forth in those very detailed
    technical Yahoo and SI messages. Really, how did you look
    at the video and write at the same time?

    question again is "Who are you?", and now, where do you
    get your information from? Do you have inside sources
    that provided you with all of the technical data
    disclosed in the video? Can you be trusted to be whom you
    present yourself to be, or are you here to fill in the
    gaps with information that VLNC did not or cannot

    I hope your mission is not to be a shill for VLNC;
    on the other hand, I hope that your mission is not
    to gradually "drift" into negative territory and
    undercut the value of our investments.

    I really
    find it hard to believe that you could put forth all
    of the details you have on the AM on the basis of
    "notes" and fill in by "add" and still watch the

    I bring this issue up because I believe
    clarification is warranted.

    Regards, Bigcue

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    • rfmn19 Nov 4, 2011 6:50 AM Flag

      Who the fk you talking to at 1:30 in the morning ya freak?

    • According to that post, "nowaynohow" = "larry brubaker" = dkctx.

      According to current posters, "nowaynohow" = "joltenjosephine" = "John Petersen" = any other human or alias not bullish on VLNC.

      Normally, its impossible for me to prove a negative (i.e., that I am not any of these other aliases) so I don't even bother trying. However whitedoctor's post reminded me that the dkctx alias stopped posting years ago after VLNC's crack legal team went after him for posting something that said something along the lines that VLNC is a scam. Since VLNC's crack legal team went to all the trouble to track down the dkctx alias and threaten that alias into posting an apology and stop posting, they certainly would have also found out any other aliases the person behind the dkctx alias was using and those aliases would have also stopped posting. I'm still posting, so clearly "nowaynohow" is not "dkctx." Nor, of course, am I any of the other of the dozens of aliases the Boiler Room claims.

      I always find it amusing when the Boiler Room claims I am all these other aliases. And I appreciate the whitedoctor alias for reminding me of dkctx and demonstrating how stupid these "nowaynohow = ...." claims have always been. ROFL!!!!!

    • curious obsession of mr. brubaker 23-Apr-00 01:40 pm

      Larry Brubaker, who posts on this thread as
      'nowaynohow', is admittedly short the stock.

      obsession has intensified in recent weeks, as indicated by
      his spamming of the thread, at all hours of the day
      and night.

      Most curious is the
      near-simultaneous posting between himself and his 'alter ego' alias
      'dkctx', at 3:34 and 3:51 AM EST (just this morning).

      Larry tries hard to separate the nature of the
      commentary when he posts under these two aliases, but at
      that hour of the morning he has a greater tendency to
      slip up. Many is the time we've seen nearly identical
      wording, phrases, and agenda, appearing in close time
      frames from these aliases.

      Draw your own
      conclusions... and beware of shorts bearing 'gifts' of
      voluminous posts... !

    • Hi, Larry. Did you sleep well? Worry knot
      starting to tighten? If you cover, maybe you'll be able to
      sleep again.

      Yes, VLNC went from concept to
      commercial production on the Qualcomm/G* cell design in
      about 4 months. Do I have to post the links for you
      again to show you 1) they have the PO and 2) they
      shipped commercial product to it.

      Yes, VLNC has
      passed the Qualcomm test. Why bring up ULBI and the
      early 90's? We are talking about Valence in the here
      and now. You should have been listening when Lev
      assured investors he would not announce any PO's until
      the OEM qual'ed the product, to avoid a repeat of the
      mid-90's Motorola debacle. This was very key.

      VLNC capability should easily be at $80M run-rate by
      now, given timeframes set out in past CC's and
      progress reviewed at the SM.

      Sorry for you all this
      is not explicitly spelled out in the CYA SEC
      filings. (Maybe we can ask the company to put in a special
      "Larry page" just for you.) This is a company that has
      been transitioning from R&D to commercial mass
      production. By the time you see it in the balance sheet, you
      will be too late. Snooze and lose on that.

    • <<Valence made a diving catch in the end
      zone, going from concept to commercial production in
      about 4 months.>>

      Huh? What? 4 months?
      VLNC has been trying to commercialize a product for
      nearly a decade. And you are using the past tense here,
      as if they are in commercial production. Which
      ignores the statement by VLNC in its official SEC filings
      that "no significant revenue is expected until AT
      LEAST the latter half of 2000." Most companies I know
      that are in commercial production expect to get paid
      for that production.

      <<If a company
      transitioning from R&D to commercial mass production is able to
      meet the exacting standards for quality, reliability
      and manufacturability at a company like Qualcomm, I
      would have to consider that a

      Uh, lipo, if that is your standard for success, then
      ULBI was a success a few years ago when they had a
      purchase order from Toshiba for their battery. Or VLNC was
      a success in the early 90's when they had a $100
      million order from MOT.

      <<An annual
      run-rate of $80M today will not look so "high" in contrast
      to $250M a year or so from now.>>

      you are interpreting "VERY LIMITED amount of product
      for sale as having the capability for an $80 million
      run rate? LOL!

    • So now it is Kyocera and an $80M runrate. You
      better be careful calling that your proof. You either
      have inside info, or you are lying. Neither one of
      those comments << is public knowledge available
      from PR's, IR, CC's and SM's.>>

      Also, I
      would classify success as revenue, not orders. I think
      most rational investors would as well.

      As for
      your EPS estimate, are you going to take my bet? You
      don't have much to lose, most shorts already know you
      have very little understanding of finance.

    • Apologies in advance to the thread for having to
      post this redundant information for Monte's

      There is much anecdotal evidence Valence has turned the
      corner on high-volume commercial

      Valence announced their first PO in Nov/99, which they
      got after TnB/HET was having trouble delivering to
      Qualcomm/G*. We know Lev would not announce the PO before the
      OEM had fully qual'ed the product, so that speaks
      volumes to the efficacy of the product and manufacturing
      process. Valence made a diving catch in the end zone,
      going from concept to commercial production in about 4

      PO #2 is for a European cell phone application, 1.5
      million cells over several months. The company is
      following their stated strategy not to commit too much
      capacity to a single customer.

      PO #3 is for
      Kyocera, a direct result of success with PO #1. Even
      though Qualcomm spun off their handset division to
      Kyocera, the new owners set up shop in San Diego and are
      keeping many of the same suppliers.

      PO #4 is from
      the same OEM as PO #1 (Qualcomm) for the HDR phone
      currently in development.

      If a company transitioning
      from R&D to commercial mass production is able to meet
      the exacting standards for quality, reliability and
      manufacturability at a company like Qualcomm, I would have to
      consider that a success. 8^)

      As the company ramps
      up production, the term "high-volume" can be
      somewhat relative. An annual run-rate of $80M today will
      not look so "high" in contrast to $250M a year or so
      from now.

      All of the above is public knowledge
      available from PR's, IR, CC's and SM's.

      Proof? Sorry
      I cannot drop a pallet of batteries on your head.
      Maybe some others around here would like to?

      With samples out to over 50 OEM's for trial in over
      100 applications, the odds of more orders coming in
      are very high IMHO. It's comforting to know you and
      all the rest of the naked shorts have to keep at
      least one eye on the exit door just in case the "big
      one" comes in. You'll be searching for your eyeballs
      on the other side of the room if you get caught by
      that spike. LOL!

    • That deep,dark sense of loneliness and despair
      that I have been experiencing has now been relieved!
      Mark Visnic has resumed posting on the Silicon
      Investor! I wonder how many of these new bashers on the
      Yahoo boards are Visnic in disguise?

    • The Nowaynohow ID is a team of shorts operating
      here and on Silicon Investor under the Larry Brubaker
      ID. Selling stock because you've lost confidence in
      the company is a natural market force. Selling stock
      you don't own to depress a company's share price is
      an artificially, destructive act to profit directly
      at other people's expense. IMO

    • ...about himself. LOL! As Ross Perot used to say, "Now ya see, that's just sad".

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