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  • MKT_entropy MKT_entropy Feb 11, 2000 7:23 PM Flag

    a bummer of a CC...

    dy have it all
    over their eyes), but the CC *was* disappointing, to
    say the least. Just be honest with yourself, for

    I've been saying for a long time that there's no money
    to be made in small (phone) cells, that the only way
    to go is to focus on larger, flatter laptop or
    Palm-sized cells. Now we have the promise (well, we've had
    it on their site for the last 2 years, unchanged and
    not updated), but there being no second source, who
    will bite the product? Catch 22.

    Licensing? I'm
    asking, what? All these little patents with not a single
    blocking one? Which one do you think effectively prevents
    practicing of the technology? What about those umpteen other
    licensees? Do you seriously think the licensor and the
    others would just happily sit there and watch?
    Bracketing and clustering?--yeah, jackrabbits around
    Henderson, NV.

    I just hope that at the SM we will
    hear a little more of "yesterday", not "next quarter",
    and that it will generate some worthwhile and
    strongly positive news to justify the recent run-ups of
    VLNC, ULBI, LITH... <G>


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    • What did you expect?? It was the same tone as the
      calls when the stock was at $4, $5, $7, $10. Except now
      we have large institutional stockholders that have
      researched the potential. Beta testing laptop
      batteries...focusing on large battery machinery.
      Contracts... a respectable stock price.....

      getting close to "charlatan" status



    • This is what I hate most about message boards..
      An open forum for opinions and we get sh*t like
      Iconhater.. I am still strong on VLNC but would like MKT's
      question answered.. Is anyone here REALLY pleased with the
      CC? Can anyone here be honest enough to admit it
      wasn't what most of us were expecting, (including
      myself). How many of us were expecting something concrete?
      And don't give me any of the small time investor
      crap, new investor crap, or you are a piece of crap
      garbage.I've been here as long or longer than most..RSR

    • wallow in the gutter with you, you're mistaken. Typically, I don't engage in discussions with uncouth rednecks like you, since we have nothing in common. Sorry, my mistake...


    • What is your position in this company? I'd like
      to understand where you coming from with regard to
      Valence. If you are short, when did you short the stock?
      You claim to be so knowledgeable in Valence's
      business you really should go apply for a job there. You
      could have saved them so much time in developing the
      smartest business strategy.

      Since I'm asking you,
      I am long and have been since 7. I've got no
      complaints, how about you?

    • Obviously you sold your shares and are looking
      for re-entry.

      "..there's no money to be made
      in small (phone) cells..."

      Lev didn't say
      that, YOU DID. He said margins on larger batteries were

      Their patents WILL block other OEM's. You may have
      technical knowledge about battery chemistry but you don't
      know anything about the application of patent law.