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  • flattbatt2 flattbatt2 Feb 17, 2000 12:46 PM Flag

    Valence files S-3 on 2/17.

    Just got notice from Free Edgar, Valence filed an
    S-3 to issue up to 950,000 shares. Looks like they
    didn't waste any time preparing to use those extra
    shares they were authorized to issue from the
    stockholders meeting. Let's see what the terms of any sale
    are. If they are at a fixed price at a slight discount
    to market, we're looking good. If not, if they have
    any variable price provisions, then we could be in
    for some trouble.

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    • could you again give a summary of the five machines, their location, where they were built and which batteries they are scheduled to produce to what quantities?

    • You should go back to what you are good at; i.e.
      announcing VLNC press releases before the company has issued

      Your call on a pump and dump penny gold stock does not
      impress me. As any idiot knows, penny stocks are very
      volatile and you can make or lose big money on them. They
      are also usually scam stocks. And Canadian penny gold
      stocks are the biggest scams around.

      So if you
      want to brag that you made some pennies "investing" in
      pump and dump penny Canadian gold stocks, fine. But
      you aren't impressing me.

    • Say, junior, don't you get it yet?

      shares are simply payment to the plaintiffs, they can
      sell (after about 4 months or so), hold, or

      This is not a bond issuance, no conversion issues
      here, etc. Wakeup, you're late for school again!

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      • I think this stock is dead money for a while.
        Unless there are some announcements in the short term,
        which I don't think will happen, this stock has seen
        its high for quite some time. A year from now things
        should be great. If someone knows of anything in the
        next few months that might generate more interest in
        this stock, please tell me. Everything I'm hearing
        from those that attended the meeting leads me to
        believe that any major event(like shipping product and
        being able to announce it) is quite a few months away.
        I'm a big fan of this company but I think we're in
        for a chinese water torture for a while. JMO but love
        to hear what others think.

      • Yeah, I've learned your an obnoxious and
        offensive asshole. I have yet to read an intelligent
        comment from you and I'm not holding my breath expecting
        it to happen. Why don't you kick your dog or beat on
        your wife if you've got excess aggression to expend.
        But I suspect you are proficient at both.

    • Flattbatt2; Thank you," Let's see what the terms
      of any sale are" I agree with you on variable or
      fixed discount. Do they have to disclose the deal?, if
      so, where will it be posted? Thanks again. Last time
      I think we had low $20 and they sold at around $15.
      But I forgot where I got the information from.

    • 950,000 was the number of shares mentioned in the lawsuit settlement.

    • I think they are for the lawsuit.

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