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  • eddyfamilyemail eddyfamilyemail Apr 23, 2009 7:47 PM Flag

    Short NFLX buy BBI

    I took advice from charts after a long look and alot of bashers on this board and shorted NFLX at 47. It is so overvalued and the multiple is so high that unless the earnings were through the roof it was going to fall. I'm not that deep into it though will make 5k if it opens up around 43 than lags back to where it should be in the 30's. It can sustain 40's but only after a few more quarters and a market pull back.

    But still sad for all shorts in BBI. As some of the bashers will let you know and that is why the bashing has subsided a bit they need more volume then that of today to start to cover. They haven't yet but with daytraders getting out of the way until better news hits shorts need more volume or when they buy in it will pull BBI up harder. So bashers in it today and on days like today are not short just NFLX junkies...

    To funny all the kiosk posts and how it won't help. No ofcourse not so why did BAC/C/etc... all pore money into having their own brokerage arm instead of just being a bank. A slice of the revenue pie.

    BBI will be pulling in revenue from B & M/online/kiosk as I've stated many times three pronged or better position than coinstar or NFLX as they each dominate only one. Do your own research and don't take my word on it but BBI will soar from these levels as value returns to an undervalued stock just as value is returning to NFLX.

    So bashers from NFLX go support your stock and help keep it above 40? I'll sell there if I have to. BBI has nothing more to offer you unless you are short and if so you should cover at these levels before the next couple weeks bring forth the revolver and earnings of .20-.25 a share. And unlike NFLX the stock will go up as the price is undervalued.

    GL to all in investing will voice reason to let it be heard...