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  • investing_rules investing_rules Feb 13, 2010 1:52 PM Flag

    Future for BBI - my thoughts

    It really seems to me that the future for BBI is the kiosk. If customers prefer their kiosk over Redbox that would be it. From reading some articles BBI is putting some kiosk in University settings. Good thought but where else? maybe supermarkets, malls? I am also curious if anyone knows just how much BBI is going to make off of the kiosk. With NCR fronting the equipment and then sharing a little profit with the schools or other locations what is left? Has anyone seen a profit margin number on the kiosks?

    The stores to me are basically phasing out. A kiosk is a store (much less expensive). Don't get me wrong I love going in the store and looking around. Still the best way to find a movie in my opinion. I hate searching online for some reason.

    I have been an online BBI member from day one. I love it and prefer it over NFLX. (I have had both) The main reason I prefer it is the ability to walk in the store and swap out an online movie for an in store movie. I would hate to see that go away unless I have the ability to return it at a kiosk. That would be fine. Does anyone know if this will be possible?

    I also have used both downloads NFLX and BBI. Actually I prefer NFLX over BBI for one simple reason: costs. BBI charges per movie even if you are an online customer while NFLX lets you download movies in addition to getting them through the mail with no extra charge. BBI could easily fix this by allowing 2 or 3 free downloads a month with your online subscription. Not sure what the hold up is with doing this????

    I am curious too about marketing on BBI's part. Why don't they go after the NFLX members with their online program. Like I said above it is much better. Especially since BBI has the new releases 28 days sooner than NFLX. I really think that will end up helping BBI. Having new releases availabe in store, online, and in kiosk leaves a crack that BBI might be able to leverage into something good. Big mistake on NFLX's part. Back to the marketing: Why not go after NFLX with customer switching benefits or something like that to entice the NFLX customer. I don't think NFLX customers are so loyal they would stay when they could get new releases sooner and a better selection of movies. Just my thoughts.

    In summary I am in BBI long for the following reasons:

    > the crack allowed by NFLX with new releases (NFLX has to hold them for 28 days)
    > the better selection of movies in the BBI kiosk over Redbox.

    Both of the above gives me hope with BBI.

    Any thoughts on the above? Looking for good thoughtful insights please!


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    • Ideas tend to bounce off of Jeffy's head like pistol bullets bouncing off of a tank. Jeffy has one hard ol head.... But keep trying......

    • What is truly naive is refusing to listen to truth because the truth does not fit your perception of reality. You may enjoy that perception for a long while but one day your reality will crumble before your very eyes.

    • These bashers also said to sell BBI way back when it dropped to 13 cents too, just before it popped back up to $1.50+. Forgot about that, didn't you?...or was that another one of those "facts" you bashers like to ignore. And yes, BBI dropped it will almost definately pop up again. You see, BBI trading is rises and falls dramatically several times a year, been doing it for at least 5 years now, and it isn't likely going to stop anytime soon. BBI is not going BK, at least not for at least several more years, but you bashers waste no time in trying to convince people it is. My question is why? You guys claim you have no position in BBI, neither long or short, nor do you have any position in any of BBI's competitors. So why spend so much time and effort posting to this message board? Oh yeah, because you like to debate. Okay, debate then. But, part of debate is presenting facts, and that includes the good with the bad. You bashers ignore the good completely and only focus on the bad. At least most of us longs talk about the negatives of the company and recognize that BBI has work to do. You bashers never talk about some of the good the company does, never giving them an ounce of credit. Why?

    • Well, I guess if you are misguided and unable to comprehend beyond the 2nd grade level, then I guess you could be confused by what I said. However, most people here would easily see that I was not touting or promoting violence of any sort. You bashers twisted what I said and tried (lamely I might add) to make me look like an unstable individual. Go back and read what I said, you will not see anything that I posted that could be construed as a threat, directly or indirectly. My point was that you should be careful about manipulating others for your benefit, it could come back to bite you. And I was specific to point out that I don't care what you guys do or say, I am not selling my shares this low, so I have nothing to be angry about. Why don't you grow up?

    • " You bashers are idiots."

      Those idiots told people not to buy when the price was $1.11.
      If you did not listen to them, your "investment" would have lost 66% of its value.

      You didn't buy at $1.11 did you jeef?

    • You bashers are idiots. I said if I were you, I wouldn't put any personal info on this board because your lying basher ways could cause someone to sell here at the bottom and then when BBI rises really high, it may tick these people off and they might come looking for you with a baseball bat to the knees. It was not a threat, it was a warning that the game that you are playing could backfire. I never threatened anyone, but you basher manipulate and lie so much, you no longer have a grip on reality.

      You are now making stuff up and suggesting I threatened you, which I did not...not even close. I am not selling here at the bottom, so I have no reason to be angry with you...ergo, I will not be coming to look for you. Besides, I am not a violent type, unless you were to break into my home and attempt to cause me or my family harm, in which case, you had better hope it would be a bat to the knees, because you break into my home, and that bat will probably aim for your head....and I woundn't stop with a single swing. Regardless, again not a threat, just making a point that I mean you no harm...but you bashers are so caught up in your lies and manipulation, a regular long could tell you that the sun will probably come up tomorrow and next thing you know, you bashers will be paoting that longs think they are God and only because they think they are God, they think they can cause the sun to come up. You guys are really quite silly, but that is how the game is played with you, isn't it?

    • I agree their marketing sucks. They can easily pull customers with better advertisements. Marketing is why Apple is doing so well...

    • What is stopping Netflix from buying Blockbuster outright, at this depressed price and assuming all of their goodwill and customer base. Not to mention the 4.52B revenue stream.
      NFLX revenue is at 1.67B and their stock price is $63 a share.
      Someone tell me I am crazy to think that BBI is undervalued here!

      • 2 Replies to chart_rules
      • BBI is trading as if its going to file BK. Any statement from the CC on 2/24 refering to mgmt having no intentions of filing BK will double this stock in a day or two..

        There is a lot of analysis here going on, but this is really my take and what's going to make me rich or poor.

      • It's simple.
        BBI is trading at the super low discount price of .38 share.

        Lets make it even more attractive. Lets sell all BBI shares at 0.0 per share. Now NETFLIX or anyone else can have Blockbuster lock stock and barrel for no cash outlay.

        Congratulations Netflix here are the keys to BBI... oh and here is the 1.5 BILLION dollars in debt you have now inherited. Have a nice day.

        And that is why neither Netflix or anyone else is going to buy Blockbuster even if the share price falls below a nickel a share.

    • Investing,
      Blockbuster has not announced the revenue share % yet. Let's hope we hear something about this on the CC at the upcoming earnings report. I'll tell you the one thing that i know for a fact. For every dollar that goes through that kiosk, i ( the store owner) get 9%. I own a supermarket in NYC and have been trying to get a machine placed in my store. I filled out some detailed applications, sent them in and was told someone from NCR would be coming to do a site survey. The applications are very detailed with requests for information like weekly store sales, customer counts, % of credit card transactions to total business etc...etc. It's already been over a month and haven't heard anything yet. NCR/BBI being careful where they place these machines is a good thing. You wouldn't want to place a kiosk in a retailer that will not do well with it. My store is a large supermarket, from NYC standards, so i'm sure there will not be an issue there. I will keep everyone informed as to the progress with this. On another note, i think it was Casey that said, "We do not expect to see much from the kiosks to the bottom line until late 2010 or early 2011. My understanding is that Blockbuster's revenue share from these machines will only kick in once the machines have earned enough to cover the cost of the machine to NCR.

      Hope this helps.

    • Ummm, you dont happen to live in Philly do you?
      <Sweat beading on forehead>

      Now your questions.
      1) Divorce is like a gunshot wound. There is no such thing as a good one, but some are much worse than others.

      2)Did we argue a lot?
      Is a bear Catholic?
      Does the Pope shit in the woods?

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