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  • indian8788 indian8788 Mar 9, 2010 4:38 PM Flag

    it's too late!!!

    Don;t you nutjobs get that it is too late for blockbuster. They are in debt up to their ass and the competetion is taking it right to them

    Everyone keeps talking about Brand Recognition with Blockbuster? Are you shitting me? The brand recognition regarding this comapny is not positive at all. It is negative.

    Netflix is spoken about in movies and tv shows. Blockbuster? not a chance. Blockbuster is a dinosaur and you know where they are now don't you?

    IN THE GROUND!!!!!!!

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    • am I mojo. Weren't you posting on this board when it was a 1.50, then 1.30, then $1? I wonder how much you are down on this guy that you can't even sell because the loss would "officially" become realized. What a loser.

    • Indian, its not too late...

      Coinstar has cash to debt ratio of 7.7 vs. BBIs of 6.8.

      They are also spending 200 Mil in capex this year. They may be running into liquidity issues in the near future if other studios follow suit with the 28 day window.

      Don't post this garbage. In addition we all know this a great play given its trading at $.41....

    • Yes, my last 3 purchases were all B shares. After BBI made the announcement that the classes were to be combined, I waited until the priced dropped to about 30 cents on the B shares and I bought a total of 32,100 shares over three trades to average down. I now have 79,300 shares of BBI (both classes). It made sense to me to do so with the huge discount they are giving. My belief is that when they combine the two classes, either B shares will rise to A shares, or A shares will drop to B shares, or they will meet somewhere in between. You can't go wrong buying the B shares as they will at least not drop because of the class combination. And considering the class combination will be regarded as a positive, it is likely that the very act of combining them will cause some sort of rise in BBI stock price. However, that isn't what I am waiting for to send BBI up, it is one of many events in the wings.

    • Hey Jiffy, isn't this the guy you told to stay in and buy more when it was over $1.

      You know, the old it always goes up going into earning.

      Q4 will kick this stock into high gear. They ALWAYS make money in Q4.

      Just wait "Two more weeks".

      He got out, did you?

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      • jchj01, you have a great memory man. you are 100% correct in that jiffy was telling every sucker to buy more and more of this piece of shit. I owned shares at an average of 1.30 and when it went down to a buck, I got out. This nut is still holding this turd at .40.

        When the writing is on the wall, nothing else really needs to be said. All these people buyingare straight up playing craps and hoping to win. But this company is going to take your money. Look at NFLX jumping up every day. It is up $20 in the last two months. There are better stocks to gamble with. Take a look ast SIRI(sirius satellite). At least this company merged with its competetion and now on are the industry. There are no worthwhile competeitiors. Just stop gambling with this piece of shit!!!

    • And GM used to own the car world,and the Knicks used to be the champions,and so on. Get MY drift,drifter??? LOL

    • Gmag... add this peanut to the list!

    • The question is who are you trying save,longs or yourself? Honest answer plz lol

    • Can you talk louder I can't hear you? Blah blah blah