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  • investing_rules investing_rules Mar 23, 2010 6:16 AM Flag

    Blockbuster update..

    very nice.

    Finally BBI goes after showing the difference between them and Netflix and Redbox. I think they should go after the difference hard in all advertising.

    I saw at my local Sheetz the put up a pole banner to show that Blockbuster Express is there renting $1 DVDs. It catches your eye as you drive in. Things like that will really help get those kiosk going.

    Lets hope they step it up even more now!


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    • themtherecomputerthingies themtherecomputerthingies Mar 23, 2010 6:33 AM Flag

      Best of luck to ya - but I just cancelled my 2 week free trial for several reasons. The mail time to me was 3-4 days while netflixs is 1 day. Blockbuster obviously doesn't do warehouse picking on weekends (or Friday afternoons) - I had my DVD back to them by noon last Friday (have email confirmation) but the sytem didn't pcik and mail my next choice til monday morning. In the mean time on Sunday I made my choice to cancel so I did and have the email confirmation of cancellation of proof from sunday afternoon then along comes Monday morning and they ship me a DVD. There are many reasons why this thing will go bankrupt and these are my few from just the past week. BEWARE - stocks do go to ZERO in bankruptcy and bondholders gets the leftover scraps - I'd cash out for whatever you can get if I was you - this collapse is imminent...

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      • Actually, BBI does do least Saturday, NFLX does not as they don't ship on Saturday or Sunday, according to past articles on the subject. If there is a long wait, it isn't for that reason...maybe they are throttling you like NFLX used to do before their lawsuit. Anyway, seems every distribution point is different because my movie turn around is 2 days, NFLX was 3 days here when I used it. But, since I do in-store exchanges, I am not aware of a slow down if they are doing it.

        On a side note, BBI isn't going to go BK because of the mail order part of the business being slow. Based on my information, they have never really made money on that part of the business, which is why they have let it fall to the wayside lately. No, the kiosks are what is doing BBI in....but they are in that to a small degree now. I still believe the stores can become profitable agin with some tweaking...most of what they are already doing, but I think a price reduction would be the final piece of the puzzle to get us over the crest of the hill....IMHO

      • Did you take your mailer in to the store and get another movie? If you did then the next DVD won't ship until you return the movie you took from the store.

        I love it. I can pretty much have 3 movies at all times. If I finish a mailer movie I can take it to the store and immediately have another movie with no additional charge.

        Yes I am aware stocks can go to 0 but I am also aware of many turnaround stories and this just may be another. They are certainly making an effort and with it appearing that the movie studios are supporting them it might just happen.

        I had the opposite experience with Netflix. I felt like I was waiting too long and could not stand being at the mercy of the post office. By the way you will wait longer for your Netflix movie if the post office stops Sat delivery. That would make for a bad weekend!


    • Bbi does not own the kiosks in any way... They basically rent the name to NCR. Small revenue stream for bbi, big gains for ncr. Bbi express is not blockbuster. I got the hurt locker from a kiosk, and the movie froze (it had been used quite a bit). I called the store to see what I should do.. As a test. They said that they have nothing to do with the kiosks and should call the number on the sleeve. So, I called the number and they said they would program the box to take it out of circulation and sent me codes for two free movies... I hope that bbi is going to get good enough returns for the deal they made. On 10,000 boxes, it should add up I guess.

      I'm liking being able to exchange at the store mixed with the mail service. Although I think they have an in store exchang program as well. and have for some time...