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  • investing_rules investing_rules May 13, 2010 11:01 PM Flag

    Are Shorts Covering Tomorrow or

    will they actually wait on worse news. What I got from the conference call today was a lot of hope going forward. Q1 was expected to be rough - no 28 day window effect.

    In the conference call several time Keyes mentioned strategic partnerships - VOD and Mail. Anyone think that is news that could move this stock upwards?? (maybe with Amazon???) or what about a debt restructuring or the sale of assets overseas - (giving us a little advertising money!!)

    The good news is coming (not tomorrow) but it is coming.

    I look for an open around .37 and a quick drop as the weak hands sell to around .31 or .32. Then the shorts start covering. This is their last opportunity in my opinion to cover before much better news comes. Face it so many were short they had to have this opportunity to cover. What we want to see is a much lower short interest (meaning they give up) and then a slow steady rise as the good news starts rolling.

    I look for partnership announcements and debt resolution with some cash inflows from the sale of overseas assets. All good news. We move forward slow and steady - just don't get in the way.

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