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  • investing_rules investing_rules Jun 13, 2010 3:03 PM Flag

    Local BBI Express Update

    Checked out a movie at my local BBI express located at a Sheetz. I have an online account so I usually don't pay extra for movies. This is the first time I have visited one. I was impressed. I just wanted a movie on the spur of the moment to watch last night with the family. I have been noticing each time I drive by there seems to be someone at the machine. This is much more traffic than when it was first installed a few months ago. Anyway I wanted a new release movie but every single new release was checked out. So I settled for an older movie.

    Just giving comment on my local BBI express machine. I know that BBI doesn't get 100% of the revenue from new releases but any % of 100% sold out is money they weren't getting before. Especially for such a small footprint and no out of pocket for them.

    best of luck to all! Longs that is.

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