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  • Cheez_Whiz_Martian Cheez_Whiz_Martian Jan 6, 2000 3:42 PM Flag

    Mr. Wily

    I am not an expert in the industry, I was just
    trying to raz you a bit. I realize that you have more of
    an insiders angle on the business, but for a novice,
    here's why I like this stock:

    1) Strong brand
    2) 50% earnings growth expected next year
    Stock is now trading at only 14X this years projected
    earnings and 10X next years projected earnings

    course, all these great financials can quickly evaporate
    if they lose market share to independents and/or
    substitutes (i.e. pay per view), but they seem to be holding
    firm and potentially have the marketing acumen to

    That's just my opinion, I could be wrong...