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  • spixleatedlifeform spixleatedlifeform Dec 31, 2007 5:32 PM Flag

    MSII prospects?

    OEM's would be loathe to do that. It would only call attention to the otherwise blatant fact (still unknown/ignored by most) that the OEM's are gouging ALL their customers and not just the few who utilize what MSII has to offer.
    I personally don't have a use for MSII's products but I do have a color inkjet printer and I do my own refilling from bottle suppliers. But from a business standpoint, especially when other peripheral costs are considered (manhour costs), utilizing what I use wouldn't be cost effective (it takes 10-15 minutes per cartridge to refill). Much easier to just pop out the old and put in the replacement. Cumulatively, it adds up. That's what Office Management is all about.
    And the more printing an enterprise does, the more attuned it needs to be to ALL cost factors.
    As an aside on this issue, how do you think ALL printer owners would feel if they knew just how much of that liquid gold gets wasted by design? Ever wonder how a color printer that only uses Black ink for any job can continue to run out of ALL the other colors so fast, almost as fast as the largest of the Black reservoirs? Talk about a customer revolt!