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  • spixleatedlifeform spixleatedlifeform Jun 26, 2008 12:02 PM Flag

    stock price at all time low


    Hardly an all time low.

    I first bought MSII back when it was still GFX (Cadapult Graphics) in '01 Oct. @$1.48. It then went down into the $.30's and then came back up where I bought in the $.40's, $.50's, $.60's and all the way up into the $1.90's. Been a long haul.

    What's going on right now is nothing more than the Specialist/Market Maker trying to generate trades. It's happening in many/most small/micro caps, especially those with relatively low ADV's. You want the pps to stop dropping? Buy whatever comes up for sale. This company is not in bad shape. The Earnings/PE data are distorted by expansion costs. Do a bit of DD and you'll see what I mean. Revs have been steadily growing for the last 7 years and that's not likely to change. Their market is more likely to want what MSII has to offer than at any time in the last decade.


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    • Thanks SPLF,

      Right, I meant the SP is at an all time low since the company became MSII. I knew someone would catch me on that. Good.

      You're correct, revenues have been growing steadily on an annual basis. If the litigation thing ever gets resolved things could look pretty good, but I think it will always be a burden in one way or another. The expansion is promising.

      Wish I would have discovered this stock today rather than last year when it was above 5$.
      I still like the story so I'll just sit tight and hold my shares. Hell, I still have 30 years before I need the money anyway.