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  • asteve2 asteve2 Oct 15, 2012 8:58 PM Flag

    Possible way of making money with CNR [BUT NOT LIKELY]

    Remember there are 6 million convertible warrants that can be converted to common shares at $1.08.If the price of common can get to $1.25 the owners of the convertibles will cash in and the price will probably drop to 1.08. If it holds at 1.08 and drifts higher buy it with a 1.25 0bjective. This assumes average volume picks up substancially. Average volume now is 2500 which is #$%$ poor. Fidelity will not let you buy this stock on margin saying CNR has no liquidity even if you own a million shares of IBM fully paid for. It is possible to make money but you are swimming with the sharks.

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