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  • stillpersuing stillpersuing May 3, 2013 9:31 AM Flag

    May 7th The Clouds will Lift

    10:00 AM CC will clear up many questions. This is a CC to cover the combined earnings of both companies . The merger will be covered along with the BK exit issue and many other relevant questions about Dex Media moving forward.

    can't wait...long, calm and deeply green!

    you know why opti...btw you boob...the word was "tee" as in golf you moron...not "tea" a fool!

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    • yes, they will finally inform about their stealth merger from CPTR 11 for the first time. I have heard about being low key, but this takes the cake.

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      • ; ))

        my feelings precisely...this isn't like a self imposed quiet period leading to earnings release and CC...the earnings were released on the 29th by both is a BIG deal that they exited BK and merged the same day...very big deal... hopefully the lag time won't rub off the luster...this stock should be trading at a minimum market cap of the combined companies AND add a few points to the PPS for the amend and extend and the fact that the cost saving synergies of both companies are an ADDITIONAL $150M - $175M PER YEAR! removes virtually ALL the possibility that these to fail as ongoing concerns and shutter the doors and windows...they are FCF machines(approx $600M per/yr in FCF) trading at 30% of true value after exiting bk and merging the other day...should be $15 - $17 right now!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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