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  • stillpersuing stillpersuing May 18, 2013 8:58 PM Flag

    Why Hedge Funds will drive the PPS n DXM Way up!.....Kyle bass said At the Ira Sohn Conference

    that DXM was the most undervalued and BEST Investment Vehicle available out there right now...Paulson and Co. which is run by a NOTORIOUS short trader John Paulson (the guy who made hundreds of millions shorting the housing market in 2007) took note of Kyle Bass's comments...and went LONG!...there were a hundred hedge funds and their management teams at that conference...2 of the largest have now purchase 23% of DXM (Bass & Paulson)...long positions for notorious short traders...why? well, hedge funds can drive a price of a stock higher just as fast as they can short one to death!

    if you think that these 2 hedge funds will be the only hedge funds grabbing DXM shares over the next 6 months I suggest you rethink that position...the pps of DXM is just getting going...this will double again before the end of the year imo and maybe higher...another thing you want to ask is why?...why are they taking such large positions? they think that down the road DXM may be an acquisition target?...maybe, maybe not but Paulson sure jumped in fast and then ADDED more 2 days after buying 11% of the O/S shares...he added ANOTHER 2%...

    how many shares are in the float? ...not many...can't be..these guys (paulson) just scooped 2.2 million shares!...the float is so tight that the price runs wildly...and it's why I think $40 will be hit this summer...before the end of Q2 imo...

    very exciting and why we have all (many of us) endured so much stomach churning ups and downs that it makes it all worthwhile...1 year 5 months for me...dealing with nitwits like opti and all his aliases...but if you think he was bad...wait until the new DXM thread starts...the bashers will be all over this run-up...they just haven't found us yet because they aren't looking for DXM on the DEXO thread...when the new board opens we will be a VERY popular spot...

    long and calm and adding Monday and I don't care what it costs me! because whatever I pay...I will quadruple or more in 2 years or less...

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I hear you and I am scared to sell and take profits. Who knows where this can go? Everyone wants to own the shares now. Don't be a maxdad or a dem. They were right, just too early.

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      • As a previous employee of one of the pre merged companies I can tell you that this thread is spot on. The digital growth of the merged company will grow at a pace that exceeds the print loss. Worst case scenario is a double, but I think a proper valuation on this stock is about $75 in 2 years at most, sooner perhaps. All IMHO but I got in at $1.60 for dexo and would not sell a share for at least one year from today. Be long. add to your position, and be rewarded handsomely in the months to come.

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